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WooCommerce is one of the most customizable eCommerce platforms for building all your online businesses. And also, an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress built to integrate seamlessly.

WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce is designed for small to large size online merchants who are using WordPress. This was launched in the year 2011 on September 27, and it became very popular for its simplicity to install and customize and free base product. WooCommerce was developed by WordPress theme developer ‘WooCommerce’ in August 2014. This is used by a number of high-traffic websites.

WooCommerce is strongly built around a firm that believes in work-life balance and also has big ambitions to become the ultimate WordPress toolkit provider.

Features of WooCommerce

WooCommerce has a lot of features that can help your WordPress account, packed with a number of features included for free.

  • For store owners; this gives you the control to sell anything and if you want to sell online you can join the community. This is used around the world you will just have to open your store today and start selling.
  • For developers; this is extendable, adaptable, and open-source. So, you will just have to join one of the fastest-growing open-source communities on the web so you can use it to build an online store. The principle that drives WordPress also powers WooCommerce
  • Enterprise; this is extendable, adaptable, and scalable which gives you the control to sell anything you want to sell.
  • Documentation/plugins; you can transform your WordPress websites into a thorough-bred eCommerce store. Delivering enterprise-level quality and features while backed by a name you can always trust.
  • No limit; this is open-source which means you can modify and customize anything and everything because you have complete control, you can add unlimited products and users, and take unlimited orders.
  • A modular system; this is kept lean so you can always adjust the options you want. It is also made to work alongside your favorite WordPress plugins so you can keep the features you like.

If you want a successful sale you must create a store as unique as your brand and create a special experience for navigating your products, content, and site.

  • Countless themes; you will have to pick the theme that works for you And WooCommerce is designed to work seamlessly with themes you know and love. Including each year’s default WordPress themes and many popular themes from around the web.
  • Sell any Product in WooCommerce at any time. A sale is a destination. With this WooCommerce plugin customers can purchase your products at their convenience.

Manage Orders and Customers

WooCommerce has set features to make things easier all around.

  • Customer account and guest checkout; you must allow your customers to register and choose to automatically generate usernames and passwords or not. And you can also enable guest checkout for those who don’t want to register.
  • Order management; always add customer notes edit stock manually, mark items you shipped, and manage the fulfillment process.

WooCommerce is one of the best communities that help you make your entire online store a reality.

How to Install WooCommerce

All you need to do to install WooCommerce on WordPress is access to the WordPress dashboard. Once you have that, the rest is simple and free. Considering the fact that you are the owner of the WordPress site, the login details should not be difficult to acquire.

  • Head over to the admin section of your WordPress site and sign in by entering your login details and tapping on the “Log In” button.
  • Locate it on the dashboard the plugin option and tap on it.
  • Find and tap on the “Add New” button or link to add a new plugin.
  • Enter into the search bar on the new screen “WooCommerce”.
  • Tap the “Install” button on the WooCommerce plugin and then on “Activate” afterward to activate the plugin.

That is how you can easily install and activate the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site for free.

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