Windows 11 Users Are Now Getting iOS Phone Link Update

Windows 11 users are now getting iOS phone link update. With that being said, the operating system just became a tempting upgrade for iPhone users and owners. This means that it you own an iPhone device and are still on Windows 10, then this very phone link update just announced will and just might persuade you to upgrade.

Windows 11 iOS Phone Link Update

Windows 11 iOS Phone Link Update

Users of Windows 11 are now getting a phone link feature for iOS rolled out to them. With this, people with an iPhone will now be able to hook their handset devices directly to the desktop.

The feature prior to this had been in testing, but with the full introduction on Windows 11 PCs, everyone can now get a look in, it is indeed a worldwide rollout, with Microsoft announcing that the Phone Link for iOS feature is inbound in 39 languages all across 85 markets all over the globe.

Benefits of the Phone Link For iOS Feature

And just in case you don’t know, the Phone Link for the iPhone feature can be used to get calls, notifications as well as messages on your desktop PC. And just as reported already, this simply means that you can utilize iMessage on a Windows 11 device.

Slight Catch to Accessing the Feature

There is however a catch to all of this. And the catch here is that you may not get to see the feature on your Windows 11 PC at the moment. The reported rollout of the feature is happening in phases, meaning just a limited number of users will be able to get Phone Link for iOS at the moment. But even at that, it won’t be long before everyone has access to it.

How to Enable the Feature

For those users on the other hand that have access to the feature already, when installing the Phone Link app on your device, you will see the option for the iPhone as well as Android which the phone link feature has always worked with for a long time. Lastly, you will need to be running iOS 4 and higher in order to access this feature.



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