Why Walmart Still Doesn’t Accept Apple Pay

Why Walmart still doesn’t accept Apple Pay. The reason for this is simple as the chain company has its own apple pay rival for checkout payments.

Why Walmart Still Doesn’t Accept Apple Pay

Why Walmart Still Doesn’t Accept Apple Pay

Many customers have been for so long now been requesting that Walmart implement apple pay as an option at its checkout, but with all the said pressure, the company has not relented or bulged but instead, it is relying on and keeping faith in its own method for customers to pay with their phones.

Various complaints across the social media platform Twitter have lamented the lack of integration thus illustrating the extent to which customers are longing for the service. And given the popularity of apple pay, it is really surprising that people are requesting its functionality at the biggest retailer in the world that is boasting close to 5,000 branches in the United States alone.

And instead of relying on apple pay, Walmart has now developed its very own digital mobile payment system that is known as Walmart pay and it is integrated with the Walmart app.

The Walmart Pay App

Unlike the apple pay app and a host of other mobile payment methods and techniques, this payment system does not make use of near-field communication (NFC), which is the protocol that allows devices in close proximity to connect and transfer data wirelessly and instantly instead of requiring users to scan a QR code at the checkout.

A spokesperson from Walmart has stated that this is a very convenient method to make payments, adding that the retailer has put other systems in place such as scan and go, which is available to Sam’s Club and Walmart Plus members that will allow them to bypass the checkout process altogether.

Canadian Branches of Walmart Has Been Equipped With Apple Pay Checkouts

It’s however kind of interesting as Canadian branches of Walmart have been equipped with Apple Pay checkouts ever since 2020.

many people have speculated that there may be ulterior motives behind the whole hyperstore’s proprietary method, such as increasing the number of Walmart app users and tracking the purchases of its customers.

And despite Apple Pay being available in over 90% of stores in the US, Walmart isn’t the only major player to integrate it into its systems as other stores such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Kroger all lack Apple Pay integration as well.


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