Why Is the UK Mother’s Day Different?

Why is the UK mother’s day different? Have you ever wondered? If you are one of the many curious people in this regard, then you are on the right page. I will be explaining the reason why mother’s day in the UK is different from mother’s day all over the world.

Why Is the UK Mother’s Day Different

Why Is the UK Mother’s Day Different

Mothering Sunday, unlike Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween falls on different dates in various countries all over the world.

Mother’s Day is now upon us, but keeping up with the date is one thing that can be really tricky. Not only does the celebration land on a different date every single year, but different countries all over the world also celebrate it at different times.

The UK date of mother’s day is deeply rooted in the Christian observance of lent. Mothering Sunday as you should know takes place on the fourth Sunday which is exactly three weeks just before Easter Sunday. And the UK celebration of mother’s day this year will fall on Sunday march 19.

The Origin of Mother’s Day in The UK

This very observance started in the middle ages when children who had left their families to take up domestic duties were allowed to go to their mothers or homes. The reported journey home turned into a spring occasion or various families to reunite which then eventually adopted the custom of picking up flowers on their way home as a gift to their mothers.

The date also turned into a celebration as the fasting rules of Lent at the time were relaxed and in the process earning the day the name of Refreshment Sunday, Simnel Sunday which after the simnel cakes baked on the day traditionally, and then Pudding Pie Sunday.

How Mothering Sunday Became Mother’s Day

Mother’s day as you should know started in America in 1907. The daughter of a peace activist who treated soldiers back in the American civil war, Anna Jarvis, campaigned for a day set aside to honor the role that is played by mothers. She at the time observed the second Sunday in May as that was the time she held a service to honor her mother at the time of her passing.

The idea became very popular that by 1911 all the states in the US took on the holiday. The day was declared a national holiday by then President Woodrow Wilson in 1914 who stated that it should be officially held in May. And even though she got to found the holiday Ms. Jarvis at later stages strongly opposed its growing commercialization and campaigned against it eventually. This tradition eventually got to the UK and mothering Sunday then became popularly known as mother’s day.

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