Why Is Facebook Down – What happens when you Launch Facebook

If you happen to be a user of the social media giant Facebook, then you probably must have noticed that the platform is down. Well, this is not something that happens regularly with Facebook, so this might be an issue. Well, if you are a user, and you are interested in knowing why Facebook is down, then expect all the details from this article.

Why Is Facebook Down

Why is Facebook Down – Is Facebook Back Online

Why is Facebook Down? Facebook is down but this issue is not just a problem faced by Facebook alone. Instagram and WhatsApp, the other social media platform owned by Facebook also went down today, without any notice or warning to its users. The three apps that happen to be running on the same infrastructure all went.

This occurred at 5 pm (12 pm est) 4 October 2021, and all other apps that work With Facebook as the Facebook workplace also stopped working. If you are a user of Facebook you should know that this is unlikely. Facebook barely runs into issues or suddenly stops working without any notice to its users, especially when there are lots of important activities occurring on the platform.

What happens when you launch Facebook

If you launch the Facebook app now, you might not notice the issue as already uploaded content would be accessed. Everyone visiting the website was welcomed with an error message or page stating that their browsers cannot connect.

As for WhatsApp and Instagram, they launch, but no new content or Message could be accessed.

At the moment Facebook has only updated their WhatsApp users via their WhatsApp Twitter account that things would soon go back to the way they were. But aside from that, no reason has been given concerning the issue. So for now we can only wait for Facebook’s reply.


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