Facebook is Not Working – What is Happening to Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram After the Short Outage

Facebook is Not Working – If you have accessed Facebook in the past few hours you would notice that the platform is down. So you might be asking what is happening to Facebook?

What is Happening to Facebook

This issue is not just only happening to Facebook, but the three major platforms that are on Facebook infrastructure. Of course, you know them to be Instagram and WhatsApp. These three platforms were down, and people are asking what is happening because this issue is not common to these platforms.

Facebook is Not Working

Facebook stop working today by 5 pm (12 pm Est). This issue struck people much later as only uploaded and sent messages could be accessed on the app. Users that tried to access the platform using the web were presented with an error message or page. The error page states that the “browser couldn’t connect.”

As stated previously, Instagram and WhatsApp were not left out of this predicament. No messages or Content could be uploaded to either of these platforms.

Why is Facebook Down – Facebook is Not Working

One thing with Facebook is that they barely reveal the reason for any of the issues they face. And unluckily, they did not tell us anything concerning why it went down. As a matter of fact, no notice of Facebook or the other platforms (Instagram and WhatsApp) going down was passed, as it came as a shock to all users.

Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone stated on Twitter that “we are aware that some people are having issues accessing our apps and products. “we are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible, we are sorry for the inconveniences.”

WhatsApp and Instagram Updates Users on issue

WhatsApp also updated their users on their Twitter handle saying that “they are aware that some people are experiencing issues with the platform at the moment, and they are working on it and would update its users As soon as possible.”

Instagram also asked its users to bear with them as they are working to fix the issue of the platform not working.

Facebook is Back

Facebook and other apps that went down began coming back online slowly, after being down for almost 5 hours. The issue disrupted the lives of billions of users online, which is not a good look for Facebook.

A spokesperson of Facebook stated that the services were coming back online slowly. He also cautioned that it might take some time for the services to return to the way it was. So at the moment, you should be able to access Facebook and the other services, but not their entire feature due to it slow recovery.


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