Why Can’t I Close Sales Effectively?

Why Can’t I Close Sales Effectively? You may be asking this question as a businessman or woman. If you want to learn practical ways how to close sales effectively, this is the right article for you. Here you’ll discover some techniques required as a sales manager or representative needed for effective operation in the business.Why Can't I Close Sales Effectively?

Why Can’t I Close Sales Effectively?

As a businessman or woman, there are tactics on how to close sales effectively and retain your customers also. Closing a sale is not tough as it seems, just a little one or two techniques.

In the finance world, we see a lot of minor errors that could have been averted if wisdom was applied the right way.

Reasons why Sales are not Closed Effectively

The rate at which most businessmen and women lose customers and are unable to meet their sales targets is alarming! This is the purpose of this article. Read on to learn why sales are not closed effectively.

Lack of Communication Skills

In the world of business, an inability to hold a proper mutual  conversation leads to financial lapses. A proper sales representative or business manager should be guided on how to sustain a healthy conversation, build mutual feelings, grant assurance to the clients, etc.  One way to close sales effectively is by developing communication skills which include;

  • Active Listening
  • Non verbal and Visual communication
  • Written communication
  • Oral communication

Lack of Trust

Clients are very sensitive with passing out delicate information hence they need to be assured in you. This is the problem most of the times why clients will promise and not fulfil because there are a lot of untrusted businessmen and women out there as SCAM!

If you want to close sales effectively, be honest in your doings.


Every Client is delighted in competency- it creates room for mutual sales. An incompetent business personnel produces failed results hence, no client invests in a man who is not knowledgeable in the business he is managing, etc. If you want to close sales effectively, be competent today!

Time Wasting

Nothing closes a sale faster than being time conscious. Setting a target with your clients reveal your intentionality towards the deal. Don’t spend months working on a minor sales deal that can be handled in weeks. Make use of customer demand. Close that deal timely!


How do I develop communication skills?

One of the ways of building effective communication skills is by reading business books- books that explicitly talk about communication skills, get mentors in similar businesses, watch educative videos on business tactics, read articles also.

Once you become a master of this skill, you’ll become a guru in your business; an irresistible one, no deal you won’t smash! All it takes is for you to develop your communication skills now.

How do I build a trusted relationship?

Trust is hard to come by these days, so be conscious in your dealings with clients, prove your honesty and have their interest at heart. One of the steps to building a trusted relationship is by being accurate in your figures.

Another way to build a trusted relationship is abiding by the policy guiding your business- not to compromise. A compromising businessman or woman finds it hard gaining the trust of professional clients which in turn affects the business.

How do I talk like a Professional?

Never feel intimidated with the level of sales you’re able to close today. Strive for more knowledge. Be versatile. A secret to talking like a professional is building self confident! Your manner of approach determines to a certain percent how well you’ll handle the deal.

Most clients would rather seek for the best on a high cost to handle their sales deal reason is, they trust the experience and knowledge more than shallow knowledge with no practical solutions.

What is a Business budget?

A business  budget is the process of calculating how much money you will earn, spend, borrow and save during a particular period of time. Owning up to the expenses of the business is key for its growth.

For a business to have more gain than losses, there should be a review of the business budget. Most businesses spend more than they earn, claiming standard! Work with the income of the business when creating its budget.



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