WhatsApp’s New Status Features Mimics Instagram’s Own Story Feature

WhatsApp’s new status features mimics Instagram’s own story feature. The messaging app and platform just rolled out a new status feature that takes notes directly from Instagram’s notebook.

WhatsApp’s New Status Features Mimics Instagram’s Own Story Feature

WhatsApp’s New Status Features Mimics Instagram’s Own Story Feature

Social media platform WhatsApp has now debuted a handful of new status features on Tuesday that users can now utilize on the secure messaging app owned by Meta.

As you already know, the status on WhatsApp is very much similar to Instagram stories which is allowing people to share videos and photos for just 24 hours before it disappears. The new feature however seems to borrow from Instagram which is yet another platform owned by Meta.

Other Features Of WhatsApp’s Status Update

The status update is inclusive of a private audience selector that is similar to Instagram Close Friends Stories that allows WhatsApp users to select who can view their status instead of sending it out to everyone on their contact list, due to the fact that sometimes an update is not meant for all to see and it’s that simple.

There is a voice status feature for when you would rather talk out your status instead of typing it out, and with that being said, you can now share voice messages of up to 30 seconds on the platform. The messaging app also introduces Status reactions that people can utilize simply by swiping upward on the status of a person and then selecting one of eight emojis to send as a reaction.

And now when users make use of the app, they would see Status rings around your profile and the profiles of their contacts. These rings also will be available in chat lists, group participant lists, and the contact information of a user, Meta mentioned.

WhatsApp Introduced Link Previews on Statuses      

Lastly, WhatsApp introduced link previews on Statuses which will allow people to have a visual preview of the content of a link when they post on their status.

Updates already have started rolling out all over the world and they will available for widespread usage in the weeks to come.


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