What Is a Gender Therapist – What Gender Therapy Isn’t

What is a gender therapist? This is easy and this is what this post will be centering on. To therefore get the answer as to what a gender therapist is, continue reading the content of this post from start to finish.

What Is a Gender Therapist

What Is a Gender Therapist

A gender therapist is a person or a professional that is tasked with guiding individuals to self-determine the strategies and the steps that will help them in the journey to feeling more connected to their bodies and genders.

What Is a Gender Therapy

The subject of gender therapy is simple and straightforward. Many people are still confused on the topic of what gender therapy really is. Gender therapy focuses on the mental, emotional, physical, and social needs of the persons who are;

  • Questioning their gender
  • Uncomfortable with the aspects of their body or gender
  • Experiencing gender dysphoria
  • Seeking gender-affirming interventions
  • Do not exclusively identify with their designated set during birth.

You really do not need to identify as something other than cisgender in order to benefit from gender therapy. Gender therapy can be very helpful for anyone who;

  • Feels confined or trapped by traditional gender roles or stereotypes
  • Feels like developing an in-depth understanding of who they really are
  • Wants a deeper connection to their body.

Many gender therapists may receive the basic gender diversity education and necessary training. But this however may not be enough in providing adequate support. A gender therapist seeks out continuing education, training, and consultation in learning more about;

  • The rights of transgender
  • Identity of transgender
  • Gender diversity and this is including nonbinary identities
  • Medical and nonmedical gender-affirming interventions
  • Navigating all about gender in every aspect of life
  • Relevant and important research and news on these topics mentioned here.

The needs of everyone are different. With that being said, you should know that gender therapy is tailored and designed for each individual. And this may contain elements of physiotherapy, case management, education, advocacy, and consultation with other providers.

Gender therapists who make use of a gender-affirming approach type know that gender diversity is a naturally occurring part of every human being and not just a mere indication of mental illness. You should also know that having a nonconforming gender presentation or a non-cisgender identity does not necessitate diagnosis.

What Gender Therapy Isn’t

Now you know what gender therapy is and how it works, here is a detailed explanation of what gender therapy isn’t.

Gender therapy should not in any way try to diagnose you just because of your identity or even try to change your mind. You should know that you really do not need the permission or approval of a therapist to be the person that you are.

A gender therapist does not subscribe to the right idea that there is a right way in experiencing or expressing gender. They also should not limit or presume treatment options or goals based on the language that is used to describe themselves.

As a gender therapist, it is wrong to try to presume the gender or force a person into a gender or even attempt to convince a person that he or she is not of a particular gender.



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