What Happens After Someone Joins Your Email List

What Happens After Someone Joins Your Email List? Many of the advice on the net is centered around helping you find and get new subscribers, but no one wants to know what happens after the new subscribers sign up. There is this feeling you feel when someone new finds your blog interesting and enjoyable, and sign up to your mailing list. There’s this joy you feel inside, but sometimes you don’t know what to do thereafter. What you do after is very important as this will determine if the subscriber gets to stay. All you need do is to read this article down, as it will go a long way in giving you some ideas on what to do.

What Happens After Someone Joins Your Email List

What Happens After Someone Joins Your Email List?

A lot of people don’t know what happens after the joining of a new subscriber. The steps you take after someone joins your email list are very important as it determines a lot. You need to do follow up and find ways and ideas to keep them glued to you, else they might easily get bored. Although the crucial part is to get them to subscribe for the right reasons and the rest will definitely add up especially, if you follow the steps that are outlined for you. All you need to do is read down.

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What to do After Someone Joins Your Email List

Below are some steps you need to follow when someone joins your email list;

  • First off, send a personal message; make sure the email you are writing is as personal as it can get. You don’t just want only formalities rather you want to build a relationship. You will do well to try and remember that the new subscriber on your email list might have read only one of your articles and with this might not be too familiar with your tone or style very well. So, you can add a personal touch or feel to the message, as this method can save you a lot of stress.
  • A message of thanks; it is important not to forget to thank the person for subscribing to your email list as this might have a good impression of you and they don’t feel used.
  • Send them a link to download the eBook from your site; if you want to send a free eBook to them make sure to include a link to a page on your blog where they can actually download rather than just attaching the eBook. With this act, you are giving the new subscriber reason to revisit your blog rather than hanging on the hope of them just visiting on their own again.
  • Tell the recipient what next to do; don’t make your new subscribers wait for you to post the next newsletter. You should rather use your welcome email to recommend the very best of your content. So, give them a clear design on how to get started.
  • Give them a place to be able to share their concerns; use this avenue to bond with your subscribers. You can create time or better still use your first follow up email to ask your subscribers where they are experiencing troubles. This is a good idea as it gives you a free and direct source of ideas for your blog.
  • Give them directions to your internet properties; do this so that you can be able to notify them about the things you have on the web.
  • Give a vivid explanation of how you deliver your content. People need to know what they are expecting from your blog. Surprises are nice but, shouldn’t be all the time especially when it comes to handing out your email address.
  • Leave them alone for a while; it also important to leave your new subscribers alone for some time. Don’t act like you are obsessed with them by sending follow up emails every now and then. In fact, it will rather be better to keep the email short and direct people to a customized page that is well designed if they want more information.

Conclusively, it is not just about getting new subscribers to sign up, but also what happens after they’ve signed up to your email list.

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