U.S Election 2020: When is the result and How are Postal Votes Counted

After the U.S Election 2020: When is the result? Immediately polls close in the United States presidential election, it could take an approximate number of days to find out if either of the candidates; Joe Biden or Donald Trump has won. Millions of the U.S citizens are expected to cast their votes by post due to the coronavirus, and to this, there might be a delay in counting all the votes.

U.S Election 2020

U.S Election 2020: When is the result?

By default, the result of the election should be usually called on the night of the election day, of which this year’s election day is on the 3rd of November. Different states end their voting at different times, the first polls close on the East Coast at exactly 19:00 local time (00:00 GMT). This is then followed by a running total of votes cast as they are counted in each of the states in the U.S. election night.

A state is then called by major U.S media outlets when they believe one candidate has an unbeatable lead of casted votes count.

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Can Postal Voting Delay the U.S Election Result?

Previously, it was common for a state to restrict voting by post to certain citizens like people over 65 years old, ill people, or those away from the state. But now the practice is widely permitted in a majority of states. During the 2016 United States presidential election, nearly one-quarter of votes were cast by post method.

There is an estimated number of over 80 million postal ballots to be cast this time, which is more than double of the 206b number. This is due to states aiming to prevent gathering to limits the spread of the coronavirus.

How are Postal Votes Counted?

Once postal votes arrive, it takes longer to count. And to this, different states have different rules over how and the time they count theirs. Most states in the U.S will only include postal ballots received by the time polls close on election day. But other states like California will accept votes as long as it is sent by the day of the election, even after a week later.

Counting a postal ballot takes a longer time due to the reason that each vote must have a signature that is matched with a separate signature on the registration card. States like Florida will process counting postal votes before the election day, while other states do not count until the polls are closed.

In the last election, 2016, the total final vote took more than 30 days to count. Democratic candidates of the election Hilary Clinton extended her lead in the nationwide popular vote, but Mr. Trump had already won in enough states to secure his presidency position.

Will Trump and Biden Accept the Result?

President Trump opposition, Mr. Biden in insisting “Count every vote”, said that he will accept the full result of the vote. But there is still a chance the early leader on election night may not win, due to a prospect made, more likely by postal voting. Hilary Clinton, who has also stood against President Trump in 2016 has said Mr. Biden should not concede on the election night – “under any circumstances because I think it is going to drag out”.

Furtherly, President Trump also said November’s election could be subjected to tremendous fraud because of postal ballots despite there is being a little evidence of this.

What Happens When the Election Result is not Accepted?

During the past elections, to be precise, the 2000 election, Democrat AI Gore claimed his narrow margin of defeat in Florida should lead to a recount of votes submitted. It took about 36 days and then the Supreme Court made a decision against a recount to settle the contest in favor of Republican George W Bush.

The president of the United States, Trump said he believes the election could end up in the U.S. Supreme Court. It is expected that various challenges could emerge this year, and this includes every activity from the identification requirements for postal voting, to the legality of the COVID-related changes affected on voting.

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