Warner Bros. to Release All It’s Latest 2021 Movies on HBO Max Simultaneously

Warner Bros. to release all its latest 2021 movies on HBO Max simultaneously. Did you know about this? Well while the news may come as a surprise to many, there really is actually more to know and to be revealed about the whole thing. And if you would love to find out, continue reading.

Warner Bros. to Release All It's Latest 2021 Movies on HBO Max Simultaneously

Warner Bros. to Release All It’s Latest 2021 Movies on HBO Max Simultaneously

It was announced in late 2020 that all of warner bros movies to be released in 2021 would be released simultaneously. This does not mean that all the movies that would be produced by the studio would be made available to the public at once. If this is what you are thinking, then you should think differently.

All of warner bros movies slated to be released in 2021 will be released both in theaters and streaming services at the same time. This is however the first time that something of the sort would be happening and we have already seen it with the release of wonder woman 1984.

The company, warner bros, explained and announced that all its movies set to be released in 2021 will be available to stream for a stipulated time of one month only and exclusively on HBO max. And at the same time, every movie will be released in theaters. Just as explained already in this post, this is the first time something of the sort is happening.

This new hybrid model will bring a deviation from the timeline and program studios follow. Films were or used to be released in theaters before it gets to any other platform which Is months later. And this is something the warner media has made a possibility. Netflix has tried to accomplish this feat before but failed in its bid for many years.

With this move, consumers will now be able to dictate how they consume content and this is such a huge win. This in general therefore means that the consumer is now in total control.

The Aftermath

What will be the aftermath of this movie, one may be curious to know. Immediately after the news, the stock price of movie theaters fell. AMC, a very notable movie theater shares dropped almost more than 15 percent. Cinemark on the other hand was down 14.5 percent.

This news however is coming after theaters all over the world are still dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic. But in regions like the U.S where markets have reopened, the attendance and sales have not matched pre-pandemic levels. After movies will be made available in HBO max, they will be removed in a month’s time and shown only in theaters both in the US and international markets.

And the first movie which was released in this order is the wonder woman 1984. Other movies that are expected to follow this format are Godzilla vs. Kong, Tom and Jerry, in the heights, space jam: a new legacy, the suicide squad, reminiscence, malignant, dune, and matrix 4.

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