First Anniversary Gift Ideas: First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Do you want to know some First Anniversary Gift Ideas? Your first anniversary is a very big and important one. It is a milestone in your marriage and therefore deserves special gifts to celebrate the occasion.

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditionally, the first anniversary gifts are paper, this is because of its representation of your marriage as a blank sheet and its fragility too. In this post, we will be sharing and discussing some wonderful first-anniversary gift ideas.

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The best part of first anniversary gifts is that they quite affordable, maybe you want something to honor on your first anniversary or a token to your partner, in this post, you will be getting some of the best first wedding anniversary gift ideas.

First Anniversary Gift Ideas | First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Here, we are going to be listing and discussing some of the best first wedding anniversary wedding gifts ideas. Below are some of the best first wedding anniversary gifts idea.

  • Wedding venue illustration – you can get an illustration of your wedding venue for your partner, this is very personal and significant as it reminds you both of your wedding days, the illustration can be hand-drawn.
  • Customized papercut – if your partner is a lover of art then this is what you should get that person. Ideas of design on this should be personal details of you both like names and dates that are significant to both of you.
  • Frontpage of the newspaper – now the biggest news of the day you wedded is your marriage, now this might not make it to the front page of the newspaper, but you can find something else that happened on that day and frame it as a present for your partner.
  • Handwritten poems and quotes – you can frame handwritten love poems and quotes for your partner on your first wedding anniversary.
  • Date Night Jar – create a personalized date night jar with 52 ideas for dates night. Fun ideas are also acceptable.
  • Couples cookbook – spend time together experimenting in the kitchen, trying new dishes idea with couple’s cookbook.
  • Customized wall clock – You can gift your partner a customized wall clock, you can use photos from your wedding photoshoots as wallpaper.
  • Personalized Jigsaws – this gift will allow you guys to spend more time together, as you would want to solve the puzzle together. Photoshoots of your wedding can be used as pieces of the puzzle here.

Here are some pretty wonderful ideas for a first-year wedding anniversary that are also quite affordable.

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First Anniversary Quotes

Here we are going to be giving you some quotes you can add to the gifts to present your partner on your first anniversary.

  • In just a year, you have given me a lifetime of love, a lifetime of happiness and joy. I love you. Happy First Anniversary!
  • We’ve been married for 365 days and every second of each, I love so much. Happy First Anniversary!
  • A year with you and still can’t get enough. Happy Anniversary!
  • This past year has been a part of my life and because I’m married to the most amazing human in the world. Happy Anniversary Baby!

Above are some wonderful first-anniversary quotes to send to your partner, you can handwrite these quotes on a presentable card too.

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