Want to Build Strong Muscles in your Upper Body – Try These Exercises  

Want to Build Strong Muscles in your Upper Body. Some of the most important muscles in your body are in your shoulders. You can notice that from the fact that almost every movement of the upper body enjoys the active participation of your shoulder muscles. This article is for those who want to build strong muscles in their upper body. Do well to try the exercises below.

Want to Build Strong Muscles in your Upper Body

Want to Build Strong Muscles in your Upper Body? Try These Exercises 

These exercises contain movements that can enhance not just your shoulder muscles, but your full upper body. Some of the movements here are up and down movements while others are rotational movements.

Five Exercises to Build your Shoulder Muscles

These exercises are given below;

Barbell Overhead Press

This exercise can be done with some other Shoulder exercises at home. It is very easy to do. To do do this, stand with your feet slightly apart and grip the Barbell with both of your hands at shoulder width. Lift the Barbel to your Shoulder level just behind your head. from that position slowly lift the barbel upwards, back down, and repeat

You can start with 3 sets of 8 reps each, and then increase the weight when you become comfortable. This type of exercise can also be called the military press or the Shoulder press. It works your upper body, your core and your back.

The Z Press

This one requires more work from the shoulders. It strengthens your Core and can be done with Dumpbells for beginners.

Sit with your legs straight, fully extended, and hold two Dumbbells ( or Barbell ) in the front-rack position. Balance your core and press upwards repeatedly. Try keeping your knees on the floor all through.

The Arnold Press

This exercise tackles your shoulders from different angles at the same time, and it also works your upper back.

To perform this exercise, hold a dumbbell in each hand and make sure your palm are facing your front view. Rotate your arms while you press up and finish with your palms facing out.

Dumbbell Shoulder Raise Series: Lateral Raise, Front Raise, And Reverse Fly.

This movement combines 3 exercises in one which targets the front of your shoulder, the sides of your shoulders and the back of your shoulders.

The front raise involves lifting the dumpbell in the front direction without bending your elbows, the side raise involves raising the dumpbell or barbell sidewards (in a flying movement) while standing straight. The reverse movement in this case involves a flapping movement with straight hands while holding the barbell and bending forward.

Barbell Upright Row

This particular exercise focuses on your shoulder muscles from the back angle.

Hold the barbell with a forward grip, with your arms a little wider than the width of your feet. You can now lift up from your waist to your upper chest and then repeat this movement.

In conclusion, we can always meet our body goals with much diligence. Do these exercises to get the maximum results.


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