Visa Pay – Easy, Smart and Secured Way You Can Send Money Online

Worrying on how to send money to loved ones who far from your residence? Well worry no more, the good news is that with Visa Pay, you can easily send money to your families, loved ones, even share expenses with your friend or pay off with a Visa credit card bill. Visa Pay is very convenient to use for both the sender and recipient, whether or not they live around or halfway around the world. You can say goodbye to checks, long paper forms, and cash, but instead, enjoy the simplicity of this new and exciting platform. All you need do is just enter the recipient’s 16-digit Visa card number and the amount then the funds will be credited to the recipient visa credit, prepaid, or debit card.

Visa Pay

Visa Pay

Visa Pay is widely accepted and used worldwide. The Visa brand includes debit and credit cards. It is one of the most popular methods of payments worldwide, even most banks and acquirers are in support of Visa Pay. The Visa Pay supports all currencies and is well secured.  The payments come directly from your bank account and your account information and bank transactions are well secured by your bank and Visa, when using the Visa Pay there are no extra transaction costs. What are you waiting for? Get your own Visa Pay and try it out, you won’t regret it. (Visa Pay)

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About Visa

Visa is an American international financial service, whose headquarter is located in Foster City, California in America. It was founded in the year 1958, October, 18. The Visa companies facilitate electronic funds transfers throughout the globe, mostly used through Visa prepaid cards, debit cards, and credit cards. Although Visa does not give cards either do, they set the fees and rates for consumers or extend their credit, they rather provide the financial institutions with Visa payment branded products that they can use to offer debit, credit, prepaid, and access to cash programs to their customers.

Almost all the Visa transactions in the whole world are processed through the Visa company directly operatedVisaNet at one of their secured data centers, located in Singapore, Ashburn, Virginia; London, England; and Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Their facilities are heavily guarded against crime, natural disasters, terrorism, and fraudsters. These facilities can operate independently of each other if necessary and from external utilities. Visa is the second-largest card payment organization in the world, based on the number of card payments transacted and the number of cards issued annually. (Visa Pay)

How to Use Visa Card for Online Payment

Below you will see the steps you need to follow to be able to use your Visa card for online payment;

  • Firstly, check that the website is secure, make sure the URL of the website starts with “https” and there is an image of a small padlock, at the top corner of your left hand.
  • Then next, you select your items, add more items to your basket.
  • Also, then “checkout”, search for the shopping icon, that is mostly located at the right-hand corner of the web page. Then the checkout page displays, then you will be required to fill in your billing details.
  • Next, you fill in your details correctly.
  • Then you will be required to choose your method of payment, choose a credit card as your method of payment.
  • Then you fill in your credit card details.
  • Confirm your payment.
  • Please ensure to take the extra security measures.
  • Always remember to keep a copy of your payment confirmation.

The Visa Pay company goes the extra mile in terms of their security measures so as to protect your account from fraudsters when you make online shopping. (Visa Pay)

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