Verizon Offers Netflix and NFL Plus Streaming For Just $25

Verizon offers Netflix and NFL Plus streaming for just $25 for its not-cable bundle. A new combo deal here is inclusive of Netflix Premium and NFL Plus Premium for just $25 per month if it is that you get them through the Verizon Wireless Plus Play portal.

Verizon Netflix and NFL Plus Streaming

Verizon Netflix and NFL Plus Streaming

Verizon has just announced an exclusive combo reportedly offering Netflix Premium and NFL Plus Premium for just $25 per month. Netflix Premium as you should know costs $19.99 / month at the moment (though it could go up soon!), and NFL Plus Premium on the other hand is $16.99 / month. That in question sounds like a pretty good deal for customers of Verizon if it is that they are ready for some football and also that they need their very own Netflix account.

NFL Plus Premium as you should know is inclusive of live access to regional and primetime NFL football games across devices and it also includes the NFL Network, plus NFL RedZone. It however does not include NFL Sunday Ticket, which in question costs a cool $449 per year and then gives you all the Sunday games regardless of your region. Verizon’s promo page as you should know states that existing customers of Netflix can transfer their subscriptions over to Verizon and can even still take advantage of the just announced deal, but people who already have NFL Plus through YouTube TV on the other hand can’t.

The Combo Deal Is Available Via the Plus Play Platform of Verizon

The combo deal in question is reportedly available via the Plus Play platform of Verizon, which allows you to manage your subscriptions to a bunch of streaming services and then consolidates the billing. There are many services there, from most of the standard streamers down to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, MasterClass, Duolingo, The Washington Post, as well as a bunch of stuff that I have never even heard of. Dog TV? Some deals, too, such as a free year of Netflix if it is that you get to subscribe to AMC Plus or Starz, though you really cannot combine that in question with the NFL thing.

Verizon Decoupled Streaming Perks from Its Unlimited Wireless Plans Early This Year

Verizon in the early parts of this year decoupled streaming perks from its unlimited wireless plans. This is a move that made no sense to anyone except Verizon and promptly allows you to bundle them right back in for $10 / month each. One of those bundles in question is a $15 Plus Play credit, which you could effectively use to get that NFL / Netflix bundle down to $19.99 / month. Or get to put it toward that Sunday Ticket.

What You Need To Use Plus Play

You really don’t need to subscribe to one of the new myPlan setups of Verizon for wireless customers to use Plus Play. Verizon has stated that “it is available at no extra cost to all Verizon mobile, 5G Home and LTE Home Internet customers.”



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