VA Loans Closing Costs – VA Loans Closing Costs

In this article, we are going to be talking about the VA Loans Closing Costs. Anytime you decide to get a loan for your home, you will have to pay for the closing cost of your choice. There are various kinds of VA loans closing costs that you can pay for, this is very important because of the protection of your future. The combination of the charges is referred to as closing costs.

VA Loans Closing Costs

List of some VA Loans Closing Costs

Here are some lists of VA closing costs that we have provided below, you can go through them and decide which of them works well with your budget.

VA Appraisal Fees

When you make an application for financial support in a home, the lender will have to get an appraisal of the property. This is because they need to discover the asset they are investing in and make sure the house is listed for fair market value.

The appraiser is in charge of setting the fair market value of the home and keeping a check to confirm if it meets the minimum property guidelines required by the VA for loan approval. The VA appraisal fees are dependent on where you live, but the average price is about $525.

Prepaid Taxes & Insurance

The prepaid taxes and insurance are fees paid by the borrower in advance. The bulk of prepaid constitutes what is known as your Escrow. The Escrow gives you the access to include your property tax and homeowners insurance into your monthly mortgage payment which three parts: principal, interest, and Escrow. Every time you pay an amount, the interest is credited to you first according to your amortization schedule.

VA Funding Fee

The VA Funding Fee comes directly from the VA. The purpose is to decrease the cost of the program to taxpayers by thinking of the fact that there is no down payment or Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) associated with VA loan programs. It offers protection of the borrowing rights of future Service Members and Veterans.

Attorney Fees

The attorney fees can enable a lawyer to negotiate purchase and sale agreements to your own advantage. In some states, it is also compulsory for a real estate attorney to be present at the closing of the loan. The cost of the attorney will be dependent on the number of hours they work for you but the fee is usually around $400 and $500.

Survey Fee

There are times when a company is needed to company to survey the land which surrounds your new home. Your property boundaries will be mapped out to eradicate quarrels between neighboring plots of land.  Survey fees can be about $500 and above, this is dependent on the size and terrain of the property.

Flood Certification

The flood Certification goes through your records to confirm if your new home is situated in a flood zone, which is also known as a Flood Cert. If you are confirmed to be in a flood zone, there will be added insurance requirements that are necessary to protect you and the lender from flood damage. A Flood Certification goes for a price of around $20

VA Loan Origination Fee

The VA loan origination fee is what lenders use to recover their costs in handling the loan. It is a lump sum that contains the administration, notary, underwriting, and attorney fees given by lenders in your mortgage process. The origination fee is not permitted to exceed 1% of the total amount borrowed according to the VA regulations stated.

Title Examination and Insurance Fees

Title examination and insurance fees are not the same. This fee allows the lender to hire a title company to trace the chain of ownership of the house back by checking through history and they search for any illegal transfers of ownership in the past that can be a disadvantage to you in the future.

Recording Fees

The recording fee is the payment for the public record of the sales of your completed closing. This enables the county to be aware of who pays taxes and so on. The recording fee is given by your county registry, but the average fee is about $180.

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