Android 11 Features: Some of the Amazing Features of Android 11

After Android 11 is been rolled out, a lot of users might want to know about the Android 11 Features. This upgrade packs a lot of amazing features you can’t wait to access.

This latest Android Operating System was released in the late months of 2020. Till now it isn’t fully been accessed on all devices.

Android 11 Features

Some devices can access the beta version of it, while others are fully accessible on the original version. There is a few information you might get reading on this Android 11 Feature article.

Android 11 Features

This latest version looks similar to that of the Android 10, so there are not many differences between them. And that’s more reason this guide will be helpful.

There are a lot of new features packed in the Android 11 Update. Note: This article doesn’t cover the full list of the Android 11 Features. But the major ones are listed here.

Some Android 11 Features

Here are some of the main noticeable features that you can quickly check out on the Android 11 Features:

Conversation Notification

In the Android 10 version, the notification drawer contains all of the user notifications. Some apps on your device tend to get prioritized and moved to the top of the list.

Android 11 Update makes this change a success. There are just three categories of notifications. They include Conversation, Alerting, and Silent.

Now you can adjust an app notification to either of the categories so they appear first or last. This depends on how important that app notification is to you.

Chat Bubbles

The chat bubble first appeared in Android 10. But it wasn’t prioritized and they fade in the background. But after much work on upgrades, they appear and make user-easy and quickly notice them.

If you have used Facebook Messenger then chat bubbles won’t be strange to you. When a chat bubble appears, tapping on it will lead you directly to the app where it came from.

Screen Recorder

This feature is located in the Quick Settings tiles. Once you tap on the Screen Record option, it gives an option to start recording activities on the screen.

Media Controls

There is a media controller option displayed when you drag your notification bar down. This will display the app it’s related to, from the system the media is playing from.

With just a touch, you can access the playback system and push the audio or video to a different system.

Other Features

Here is a list containing other of the Android 11 Features:

  • Notification history.
  • Smart device control.
  • One-time permission and auto-reset.
  • Dark theme scheduling.
  • App suggestions.
  • App-pinning to the share sheet.
  • Wireless Android Auto.
  • Voice Access becomes more context-aware.
  • Privacy for Enterprise users.

Note: Some of these features can only be accessed on a Google Pixel Android 11 upgradable device. For example the App suggestion feature.

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