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USC Blackboard is a Course Management system that enables to make of available content to students in a central location. At the central location, you can communicate with students very fast and provide grades in electronic formats too.

USC Blackboard

However, students can submit assignments electronically and also, work with various built-in web-based tools including blogs, wikis, and e-portfolios.

The University of Southern California Blackboard can be accessed by login portal that by USC network username and password

USC Blackboard

First of all, Blackboard is a highly customized online learning application that offers users the ability to host or take online courses. With the blackboard students and teachers can properly interact by using assignments, discussion groups, tests, video conferencing tests, and more using the blackboard to learn.

However, the University of Southern California blackboard is a web system that grants access to students’ course learning materials and other relevant information. At the University of Southern California, you can use the blackboard to access the following:

  • Course outlines
  • Assignment submission
  • Discussion boards and quizzes
  • Course learning materials, including lecture slides and readings
  • Announcements and notifications from lecturers and tutors.

You can use the blackboard to access your learning resources and other study support information.

Features of Blackboard

The blackboard comes with certain features and they’re as follows

  • Built-in phone conferencing
  • Dynamic whiteboard content reusable across platforms
  • Ability to edit the content on the fly
  • Multi-platform and low-bandwidth support
  • Desktop and mobile web conferencing
  • Universal accessibility, including for those with disabilities.

If you’re a faculty member, staff member, and instructor that would like to learn further about blackboard in the University of Southern California visit

If you’re a student of USC that would like to learn more about Blackboard begin by visiting  its eligible for all current USC students, Faculty, and Staff. The program is of charge, that’s it’s a free service.

How To use the University of Southern California Blackboard

The next step to learn more on the University of Southern California blackboard is how to use the blackboard. One may ask it’s a difficult task to access and learn more? The answer is very simple and it’s the next steps I will be showing in this article.

To use or access the University of Southern California Blackboard, log in at using your USC NetID and password. When you enter your NetID and password, next, navigate to the course or organization menu at the left side of the page under the Tools link, there you’ll see Blackboard.

Also, if any group or department would like to use blackboard for departmental meetings and training, kindly visit https://” To get information on how to set up a Blackboard organization then submit a Service request.

For more information on the University of Southern California blackboard use the following as support services.

Blackboard Mobile

The blackboard mobile app is compatible with iOS 11+ and android 5+compatible mobile tools that enhance both original and Ultra interfaces. Immediately you download the app will demand you search for your institution and log in with your Blackboard Learn login information.


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