OnePlus Buds Pro Have Arrived – OnePlus Buds Pro Design, Specs and Availability

Finally, OnePlus Buds Pro Have Arrived as it was launched recently. The company bills it as the “most advanced listening device” in the portfolio that happens to now add the thirds set of TWS earbuds. The much-advanced earbuds happen to have been revealed alongside the OnePlus Nord 2 and there’s more than enough reason for you to get excited.

OnePlus Buds Pro Have Arrived

This incredible pair of buds happen to be one of the major steps up that came from the OnePlus Buds. It was launched last year as OnePlus looks to be taking on the major options that are in the market with features that are not easy to just look away from. So, you should just jump the gun and purchase the buds Pro or even wait for the other options. Let us delve right into the details that would help you make a much better and measured decision.

Design and Looks

When it comes to Design, there has been some major overhaul from the original OnePlus Buds. The original came with shorter stems and a horn-like driver casing profile. They would receive a more modernized aesthetic shape that now seems to flow immaculately. This would get well complemented by the dual-tone finish as it possesses the matte plastic for the upper half. For the upper half, it has a great shiny metal plating to get the system well adorn.

This design definitely distinct right from the other options that are available on the market, and so far it is really great. The same design language gets to flow to its charging case that now has a lying-down flat profile where the earbuds rest. This also offers support for the wireless charging aesthetics of the buds via Qi-certified pads/mats.

Specs and Features

The major feature that is now arriving on the OnePlus Buds Pro is the smart adaptive noise cancellation. This further helps you toggle the amount of active noise cancellation that is being applied depending on the environment. The earbuds happen to possess around three microphones each for the two buds, and it is can filter noise levels almost up to 40dB. One of the biggest advantage over fixed level ANC earbuds that possesses a handful or presets alone.

The 11mm dynamic driver offers a really great punchy sound and it comes with Dolby Atmos audio. These earbuds are really great for listening. For all those that like the idea of binaural sounds, these earbuds possess the Zen mode Air feature for you to play with white noise almost immediately through the headphone settings or the Hey melody app.

OnePlus Buds pro posses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 for connectivity that promises to offer a much better and a stable connection and 94ms ultra-low latency Pro Gaming mode. Another highlight is adding the IP55 water and dust resistance rating that makes this a new accessory perfect for workouts and running also. Even the charging case would be receiving a gets IPX4 water resistance rating, which happens to be an added bonus for the outdoorsy.

Battery Life and Charging

The OnePlus Buds Pro goes around for seven hours on just one single charge without ANC and five hours and is ANC enabled. The number would get stretched upright to a duration of 28 hours (with ANC) and 38 hours is the normal listening mode through the charging case.

Where the earbuds would be edging slightly ahead of the competition is the fact that it offers fast charging support courtesy of the Warp Charging technology. So, we would be talking about around 10 hours of playback time that possesses 10-minutes of charging through the USB-C. Add this to the ability to charge the case just by placing it right on the of the OnePlus 9 Pro, if you are the owner of the phone.

Price and Release Date

The earbuds have been set to launch in Europe around August 25 and in the U.S. and Canada on September 1, 2021. They would receive a Nudge right ahead of the AirPods 3 or the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 in terms of the release date. This would give it more advantage to win over the buyers that are eager. The OnePlus Buds pro is expected to come in two color options which happen to be white or matte black.

The OnePlus Buds pro has been expected to arrive at $149. A lot more than the OnePlus Buds’ Initial price tag or around 79. Given that they would offer a nice ANC mode that the price tag would just arrive right for a lot of buyers. Of course, they would do undercut for the AirPods pro by a very great margin.


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