Upgrading Makeshift Weapons Just Got Easier on Fortnite

Upgrading Makeshift Weapons Just got a lot easier on Fortnite with Some tweaks that have been having been pushed to the game. The tweaks include a couple of unvaulted weapons and the crafting system, which is another big boost to the number of crafting parts that the game has. The Change of the addresses complaints from the players that reported issues with not getting enough bones or mechanical parts for them to upgrade their makeshift weapons.

Upgrading Makeshift Weapons Just Got Easier on Fortnite

Upgrading Makeshift Weapon on Fortnite

As stated by Epic, the chance that you would find parts in floor loot has been doubled and that is to add to the increased floor loot odds that the company just recently introduced in the past weeks. As well, destroying cars would not be accommodated with a 50-percent increase in the number of mechanical parts that have been dropped.

This happens to be an important change given the role crafting plays in the current season. With the aid of these components, players get to quickly upgrade their weapons to some more powerful alternatives and, in the case of bows, equip them with some interesting capabilities like explosives. Well, this season was launched for players with lots of scant crafting parts, forcing all the players to hunt for a long time in other to upgrade one particular weapon.

Fortnite Crafting Recipies Doubled

To add to the crafting parts that have been increased, epic stated that Fortnite now has an increased odd for loot in certain players, which includes supply drops, Bunker chests, and fishing spots. The loots that would be found in this region would most especially favor classic weapons, however.

Epic has decided to reveal two classic items, one that you can use in creative modes but that has been missing from the battle royal for quite some time: the tactical shotgun and the Infantry Rifle. The latter weapons would offer you much better accuracy and faster firing than the hunting rifle, offering players the closest thing to a ‘sniper rifle’ in season 6, While the tactical shotgun lacks the burst nature of the makeshift alternative.


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