Upcoming iPhone in 2021 – New iPhone 14 in 2022

Upcoming iPhone in 2021. In the year 2021, the next big iPhone was likely to be called iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 line of smartphones is likely to add 3 or 4 models, two of which are rumored to possess 120Hz displays. The whole pack of phones that would more likely replace the current hero phones (iPhone 12 devices) in Apple stores and on store shelves at local mobile carriers. Today we would be heading back to talk about what would likely change.

Upcoming iPhone in 2021

Better Display in 2021 iPhone

The change in display tech model-to-model in the iPhone 13 vs iPhone 1 won’t likely be highly significant. As is the major case, if you happen to possess an iPhone that is released a few years ago and is looking forward to a brand new iPhone. You would be seeing a major improvement in brightness, color, and probably the refresh rate.

The latest reports stated that the iPhone 13 lineup would come with a display panel that is similar to those of an equivalent model with the iPhone 12. Well, if you happen to be looking for the iPhone 14, it is likely that we would see a significant jump in display tech for the lower-end single or pair or models.

Size and battery

Analysis has recently seemed consistent to this year with the size and shape of the iPhone 13 lineup. Three or four models are likely the same size as their direct predecessors. With the potential for a much larger battery capacity and slightly more impressive camera arrays.

5G Connectivity

In 2021, it would be safe to bet that the new iPhone 13 lineup will be released with 5G connectivity. We would have to wait and see what sort of 5G we are talking about here. Be it sub-6, mmWave, or even the two of them. But, it all points to Apple’s confidence in the sustained growth of 5G networks all around the entire world.

New iPhone 14 in 2022

The naming scheme for the next iPhone is never locked until Apple actually decides to release it officially. As for such, there still remains some possibility that the iPhone in 2021 would be given the name iPhone 12s. but it would likely see more iPhone 13. If so, then we would probably see the iPhone 14 in 2022.

Rumors stated that the iPhone 14 line, all 3 or 4 phones would like come with 120Hz displays – that’s 120 frames per second image refresh rate displays. That would mean that you would see the display refresh 120 times per second. A major jump from the standard FPS included with most phones currently.


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