UNSDSN Global Schools Advocates Program 2021

(UNSDSN) United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Global Schools Advocates Program 2021 is now open for applications. The Global school would be launching their third cohort of the Global School advocates program to develop the capacity. The building capacity is that of the integrated sustainability that is in the school communities.

United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN) Global Schools Advocates Program 2021

Selected teachers and students would be offered an invitation to undergo an online training course on the SDGs and Education for sustainable development. There they would be taught the Agenda for Sustainable Development, The SDGs, the role of schools and educators in acquiring the SDGs, and how they would incorporate these topics in the lesson plans and activities of the school.

Right after the course is completed, the Global Schools program would support the teacher’s course. The Global Schools program would offer support to teachers by offering them free resources that they would need to build a long-term school strategy and implementing ESD right inside their classroom and the community of the school.


The basic responsibilities of the advocates are stated below as follows:

  • Complete the online training: The advocates have been scheduled to take part in a four-hour online training program to further develop their understanding of sustainable development, Global schools, and Education for sustainable development (ESD).
  • Introduce ESD to Their School: Advocates would be offered a Toolkit along with a presentation. And they would also get a workshop that they can adapt to school communities.
  • Integrate ESD activities right in the Classroom or the School Community: the advocate would be offered a toolkit with lesson plans. They would also receive activities that they can carry out throughout their Mandate right in the classroom and/or school. The Advocates program does not need the teacher to implement a defined curriculum.
  • Share Their Journey: advocates would be given the job of sharing their journey with the Global School Community. They also get to share their project with the school leadership, parents, and the much greater community.


  • You would get a free training course on the SDGs and Education for Sustainable development
  • The ability for you to take part in an amazing network of like-minded teachers that are working to further implement activities and lessons in the SDGs right inside their classrooms
  • Get the chance to serve as a mentor advocate for upcoming cohorts
  • After completion of the program, teacher would be offered a certificate of completion
  • Monthly online professional development workshop and conversations with experts on the SDGs and education.
  • Ability to act as a leader in your school and community by coming up with a long term plan of ESD integration
  • Recognizable title as a Global School Advocate for the UNSDSN.


  • All the secondary and primary school teachers around the world are invited to apply, including the 45,000+ teachers that are in the Global Schools network of 1,000+ schools in 80+ countries.
  • They also should teach at any primary or secondary school worldwide
  • Possess a high level of English for you to complete the Global network
  • Commit at least 5 hours every week to this role.

How to Apply

You can apply for the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN) Global schools Advocates program 2021 here.

Deadline: July 14, 2021.


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