Unofficial iPhone 15 Renders Reveals Revamped Phone Design

Unofficial iPhone 15 renders reveals revamped phone design and it shows Dynamic Island, USB-C ports, and many more.

Unofficial iPhone 15 Renders Reveals Revamped Phone Design

 Reveals Revamped Phone Design

These days you really don’t have to wait much for an iPhone 15 leak or rumor as they keep spilling out by the minute and right now we have got some unofficial renders showing off the revamped design of the iPhone 15 Plus model smartphone.

These renders in question are based on schematic information that are given to third-party supply chain partners and then obtained by 9to5Mac which is one of the most trustworthy sources out there when it comes to information regarding Apple.

Leaked unofficial iPhone 15 Design

In regards to the changes coming to the design of the phone, we have got some more rounded edges to the screen and chassis that already have been mentioned in early rumors of the iPhone 15 Plus model, there also is a USB-C port rather than the lightning port which is yet another switch that is expected this very year.

This time around, there is a thicker camera bump present and it appears that the Dynamic island is coming to the iPhone 15 Plus as well as the iPhone 15. That being said, it is no longer going to be exclusive to the pro models of the phone and we have heard this rumor before too.

Unofficial iPhone 15 Design Dimensions

In contrast to the dimensions of 160.84 mm x 78.07 mm x 7.79 mm for the iPhone 14 Plus, the iPhone 15 Plus measures 160.87 mm x 77.76mm x 7.81mm as per the source. And looking at it, there really is not much in it, but just fractions of millimeters.

The demand for the iPhone 14 Plus has been really weak and the model was introduced to replace the mini model that also did really poorly, so Apple will be hoping that the 2023 version attracts a couple more buyers.


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