University of Michigan Online Courses – Master of Science in Population and Health Sciences

The University of Michigan is one amazing university that possesses some of the best online courses. And this article would be granting you access to all the available online courses available.

University of Michigan Online Courses

The University of Michigan mission is to serve the people of Michigan and the world through preeminence in creating, communicating, preserving, and applying knowledge, academic values, and art, and in developing leaders and citizens who would challenge the present and enrich the future.

University of Michigan Online Courses

Below are the online courses available at the University of Michigan. These online courses are great and have helped a lot of students. They include:

Master of Public health

The Online master of public health in the population and health sciences degree from the University of Michigan offers really great cutting-edge multidisciplinary education for searching for a healthier world through research, practice, and education. In other to prepare to become a leader in the field, MPH students build expertise right in the core of public health concepts and customize they’re with skill development in areas more like nutrition, data analysis, health communication, environmental epidemiology, and more.

Master of Science in Population and Health Sciences

Build up your public health career with a population and health sciences master’s degree from the University of Michigan, the #1 public research university that is in the United States Intl & U.S. applicants welcome.

Master of Applied Data Science

The University of Michigan school of information’s online Master of Applied Data Science (MADS) degree has been designed for aspiring data scientists to learn and apply skills via hands-on projects. You would learn details on how you can use data to improve outcomes and achieve your ambitious goals.

Social Work MasterTrack Certificate

You would get to Explore the fundamental concepts of social work and social justice in this series of courses from the #1 ranked school of Social work right in the U.S.

Sustainability and Development MasterTrack Certificate

Earn a much powerful career credential and complete a segment of a full Environment and Sustainability Master’s degree in 4 months.

Construction Engineering and Management MasterTrack Certificate

When you earn the construction Engineering and Management MasterTrack certificate, you would be able to develop core professional skills right in construction management in approximately 6-7 months.


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