Uncharted post-credits scenes explained

Seems you’re about to see the Uncharted post-credits scenes, or then again recently did (and need them clarified). Luckily, we’ve as of now seen it as well and have assembled the pieces, very much like Nathan Drake settling a riddle).

Uncharted post-credits scenes explained

Nathan Drake’s gaming undertakings were deliberately true to life, so he has made an interpretation of pretty well to the big screen.

Many of us like me as yet not completely sold on Tom Holland as a youthful Drake, and minimizing said with regards to Mark Wahlberg as Sully would be ideal, however, the uncharted film is a tomfoolery, if rather forgettable, and blockbuster.

Uncharted post-credits scenes explained

Alright, if you have seen the film let’s separate the post-credits shenanigans and investigate how simply occurred – and what it affects future uncharted motion pictures.

Obviously, similar to any cutting-edge blockbuster, Uncharted gives you the motivation to stay close by even after the film gives off an impression of being done. Assuming you’re thinking about the number of

The First Uncharted post-credits scene explained

According to tomsguide, the first Uncharted post-credits scene is actually all the more a post title card scene, as it comes even before the name of the chief has shown up on the screen.

It opens with a dose of a prison that gives off an impression of being loaded up for certain genuinely terrible characters, prior to choosing one specific cell. Its occupant is uncovered to be Sam Drake, Nathan’s sibling, who was assumed dead after an off-screen shoot out with the film’s principal miscreant.

Exactly how he’s alive, for sure he’s doing in a prison cell isn’t clarified, yet we really do see that he’s composing a postcard to Nathan advance notice him not to trust anybody.

Whether or not this postcard will at any point arrive at its expected beneficiary is obscure, yet it appears to be logical that Sam will have a major part to play in Uncharted 2 should the film occur.

This scene could be a clue that further elements of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will make their way into a potential sequel.

The fourth game centers on Nathan discovering his brother is still alive after he presumed him dead during a prison escape gone wrong. It was recently remastered for the PS5 in the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

The second Uncharted post-credits scene explained

The subsequent post-credits scene comes soon after, and this one specifically will have devotees of the computer game series exceptionally invigorated. We see Nathan in a tropical bar hitting an arrangement with another person named Gage (Pilou Asbaek).

Nonetheless, the enormous uncover is that Gage is chipping away at the benefit of somebody named Roman who is especially intrigued by the ring of Sir Francis Drake that Nathan wears around his neck.

Strange super fans will realize that this is reasonable alluding to Gabriel Roman, the antagonist of 2007’s Uncharted: Drake Fortune.

In that game, Nathan and Sully go on the chase after El Dorado with Roman hot behind them. Maybe an Uncharted film spin-off will hope to adjust the account of the main game in the series?

The strained discussion among Nathan and Gage rapidly goes bad, and Sully barges in donning a mustache, another winking reference that makes certain to please long-lasting players. As the team is making their getaway they are halted abruptly by an off-screen character.

The personality of this puzzling person isn’t uncovered, however, it very well may be writer Elena Fisher. She is a person of incredible importance in the Uncharted computer game series and the essential love interest for Drake.


Her nonappearance from the Uncharted film was astonishing, so appears to be a sure thing for consideration in a spin-off. On the other hand, this scene could likewise be making way for the arrival of Chloe Frazer who definitely has an unresolved issue with the daring pair after they deceived her during the film’s third demonstration.

Whoever this inconspicuous person is, these post-credit scenes plainly propose that Sony has enormous designs for the Uncharted film establishment going ahead.

Uncharted 2 certainly looks liable to occur, however, an official conclusion will boil down to the main film’s gathering and film industry return.


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