Unarmed Security Officer job with Visa Sponsorship in the USA

As security concerns continue to rise in the United States, the demand for unarmed security officers’ jobs with visa sponsorship has never been higher. Unarmed security officers play a vital role in ensuring public safety by providing surveillance, monitoring, and responding to security threats in various settings such as residential areas, schools, hospitals, and retail spaces.

Unarmed Security Officer job with Visa Sponsorship in the USA

Unarmed Security Officer job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

For those looking to pursue a career as an unarmed security officer in the USA, visa sponsorship can provide an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and potentially even permanent residency. In this article, we will explore the requirements and responsibilities of an unarmed security officer job with visa sponsorship in the USA, as well as the benefits and opportunities that come with it.

What is an Unarmed Security Job?

Unarmed security guards are in charge of keeping an eye on a person or a specific location, such as a retail store, a concert hall, or an office building. Their responsibilities include crime prevention, surveillance video monitoring, investigating suspicious activity, and reporting to a police officer if necessary.

Salaries of Unarmed Security Jobs

The salary of an unarmed security officer can vary depending on a variety of factors, including their level of experience, the location of the job, and the specific employer they work for. The average unarmed security guard’s salary ranges between $23,000 and $45,000. Hourly rates for unarmed security guards in the US typically range between $11 and $21 an hour.

However, this figure can range from as low as $10.60 per hour to as high as $24.43 per hour, depending on the mentioned factors.

Types of Unarmed Security Jobs

There are different types of unarmed security jobs. These types are;

Security Guard

Security guards work in a variety of organizations to provide site or inventory monitoring as well as crime prevention. This may include patrolling an area on foot or in a security vehicle, as well as standing guard at key entrances and exits. In other cases, Security Guards may review security video footage and verify credentials for visitors to a facility. Their average salaries range between $25,500-$35,500 per year and $11 to $13 per hour.

Security Guard Trainer

These guards are responsible for training security guards. It is a very unusual search query but it may still give a very good result. Their average salaries range between $$26,500 to $38,500.

Government Contract Security Guards

Government-hired security guards are frequently highly trained and armed. These security guards will protect, secure, and defend government employees and property. These security guards can work in a variety of environments.

The average annual salaries of these security officers range between $63,000 to $65,000 and $28 to $35 per hour.

In-House Security Guards

Companies hire in-house security guards on an individual basis. They are not hired through a private security firm. These security guards are paid by and report to the companies that hire them, and they must follow the expectations of that company.

The average salaries of these types of security guards fall between $34,000 to $37,000.

Contract Security Guards

This is the most common classification of security guards. Private security companies hire private contract security guards. Clients hire a security agency, which provides the best security guards for their needs.

The average salaries of these professionals fall between $17 to $19 hourly and $30,000 to $40,000.

Highest Paying Cities for Unarmed Security Jobs in USA With VISA Sponsorship

Unarmed security officer jobs with visa sponsorship are available in various cities throughout the United States, with some cities offering higher salaries than others. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top five highest-paying metropolitan areas for security guards, including unarmed security officers are:

San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA: $21 to $23 per hour

San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA: $20 to $22 per hour

Vallejo-Fairfield, CA: $19 to $21 per hour.

Oakland-Hayward-Berkeley, CA: $17 to $21 per hour

Napa, CA: $19 to $20 per hour

Unarmed Security Jobs Salaries by Years of Experience

The salary of an unarmed security officer can increase with years of experience in the industry. Here’s a breakdown of how salaries can increase with years of experience:

0-5 years of experience: $11.91 – $15.68 per hour

5-10 years of experience: $12.94 – $17.66 per hour

10-20 years of experience: $13.80 – $19.62 per hour

20 or more years of experience: $14.90 – $23.57 per hour

Requirements and Skills Needed for an Unarmed Security Job

To work as an unarmed security guard in the United States of America, you must have the following skills and qualifications;

  • Communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Physical fitness
  • Customer service
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Technology
  • Organization
  • Excellent surveillance and observation skills
  • A high school diploma or a GED certificate.

Duties of Unarmed Security Officers

The duties and responsibilities of an unarmed security officer include;

  • Patrol the premises regularly to maintain order and establish a presence.
  • Control and authorize the entry of vehicles or people onto the property.
  • Remove any trespassers or wrongdoers from the area.
  • After the end of operations, secure all exits, doors, and windows.
  • Check surveillance cameras regularly to identify disruptions or illegal acts.
  • Look into people for any suspicious behavior or possessions.
  • Investigate and assess the situation in response to alarms.

Extra Benefits of Unarmed Security Jobs in the US

Some of the extra benefits people can get from unarmed security jobs in the United States of America are;

  • Job Security
  • Health benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Training and Advancement Opportunities
  • Flexible work schedule.

Where to Find Unarmed Security Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

The best places to find USA jobs are online. Some of the best online platforms to find these types of jobs are;

How to Apply for Unarmed Security Jobs with VISA Sponsorship

Applying for a visa job is simple; the job usually includes a free visa. However, this is only possible if you have a job offer. Follow the steps outlined below to apply for a visa job.

  • Check to see if you meet the job requirements.
  • Make a well-organized CV and cover letter.
  • Use any of the online job search platforms to find a job in the United States that interests you.
  • If you have finished your job search, you must wait for the employer to review your documents to see if you are qualified for the position.
  • If you meet the qualifications, you should receive a job offer.
  • The employer will file a job application with the USICS. and

Unarmed Security Jobs Interview Questions

Here are some interview questions to expect after you apply for this job;

  • Tell me a little about yourself.
  • How would your previous employer describe you?
  • Do you consider yourself an attentive person?
  • What are your interests and hobbies outside of work?
  • Why are you interested in this job?
  • What are your career goals as a security guard?
  • Explain your previous experience as a security guard.
  • What skills make you qualified for this position?

Types of Work VISAs for Unarmed Security Jobs

To take on this type of job, you must have one of the following types of visas;

H-2B Visa

This visa is for temporary, non-agricultural workers. It may be applicable for unarmed security guard jobs if the employer can demonstrate that there are no U.S. workers available to fill the position.

TN Visa

This visa is available for citizens of Canada and Mexico who are coming to the United States to work in certain professional occupations, including security guards. However, the job must meet certain requirements, such as being in a specific field and requiring a specific level of education or experience.

Where Do Unarmed Security Officers Work

As an unarmed security officer, you can work in the following places;

  • Concert
  • Retail store
  • Office building

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Unarmed Security Guards Do?

Unarmed security guards keep businesses, organizations, and residential properties safe and secure. They patrol the premises, control access, and investigate disturbances. They also keep an eye on security systems and video surveillance cameras.

What Industries Employ the Most Unarmed Security Guards?

Most security guards work in places such as;

  • The investigation, guard, and armored car services
  • Educational services
  • Health care and assistance services.

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