Uber Driver Benefits – Uber Benefits for Employees

Did you know that working for one of our favorite taxi companies has its benefits perks and discounts? Today we are taking a look at the uber driver benefits for everyone that is driving for uber there are certain benefits they enjoy other drivers do not. This is because the uber company is committed to helping and supporting the men and women who drive their cars.

Uber Driver Benefits

If you want to know the benefits of uber driving and also uber discount for drivers that they are drivers enjoy then you have come to the right article. Today will take a look at everything you need to know about what employees of the company and joy are. The eligibility status to enjoy these benefits and much more in this article. All you have to do is stay tuned and follow me as I take you through the journey.

Uber Driver Benefits

Uber is an American taxi company founded in 2009 and is one of the tops and biggest taxi companies in existence. This company reigns supreme as the biggest ride-hailing company in the world with lots of employees and drivers. There are over 26,000 employees and 3.9 million drivers worldwide that the uber company has. Making it the biggest taxi company in the history of the planet of earth.

There are certain uber benefits for drivers who work for the uber company which are some of the best driver benefits of any driving company. The company is dedicated and committed to supporting all its drivers both men and women that are driving for it. That is why they can access various rewards benefits and perks that will help them reduce costs and keep more of their earnings.

Benefits for Uber Drivers

Below are the full benefits that uber drivers enjoy while driving for the company. It is not as much as the benefits that uber employees enjoy which are different from drivers I will talk more on this in a bit.

Health insurance

All uber drivers have access to the little health insurance that the company provides for them. Uber has teamed up with Stride health to help find the best health insurance plan for all drivers and their families. There is simply no extra cost for getting this insurance and drivers can simply access the online portal that makes it easy.

Financial management

As an uber driver, you have access to manage your finances whether it is filing tax returns or tracking day-to-day finances. The company has partnered with several financial service providers such as h&r block and Intuit to offer various discounted advice to help better manage your money.

Uber discounts for drivers

In addition to the health insurance and financial management benefits that uber drivers enjoy they also have access to server discounts. There are three different discounts that all employees enjoy while they work for the company. First of all, you have access to very core maintenance if you need a new tire or a routine all your change. For this, you get up to 15% off at eligible stores.

Another discount that uber drivers enjoy easy phone plans which give drivers using sprint and Verizon to save up to 8 to 22% on monthly bills. Are uber drivers making use of their mobile phones when they drive it is what keeps the business going? That is why Uber is partnering with sprint have a reason to cut down on monthly data bills.

The last and final discount that uber employees and joy is free music. You have the ability to play music for free to the uber drivers with Pandora. You can access music weather during a trip or during a trip. The only thing you have to do is to choose a station to play or create a new station based on your favorite artist.

Uber employees vs Independent contractors

When it comes to the uber company they do not consider their drivers as employees this is the reason why there are few benefits for them. They consider their driver’s independent contractors so they do not have many benefits. However, every other person working for the company that is not a driver is considered an employee and has access to the full benefits of the company.

There are several benefits that uber employees enjoy that make them put in their best when working for the company.

Uber Benefits for Employees

I mentioned above that uber does not consider their drivers as employees therefore they are not entitled to employee benefits. It is only those that are working for the uber company as a staff that is entitled to the employee benefits. They are setting attractive benefits packages for employees of the uber company. They are listed below;

  • Flexible working hours
  • Employee discount
  • Child care and family leave
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Vacation and paid time off benefits
  • Retirement plans
  • Stock options
  • Development planning
  • Extra uber employee perks.

Frequently asked questions

Does Uber give rewards to drivers?

Yes, uber gives rewards to drivers, and the more you drive the more reward you get. When driving for uber you earn points and you unlock status tiers. The higher the tier you have the more reward will get from the company.

What are the disadvantages of being an Uber driver?

There are certain disadvantages of being an uber driver one of the most disadvantages is that you do not have access to all the benefits of working at Uber.

Also as a driver, you are responsible for all the costs you cure during driving although they are discounted to you in eligible stores

There is no flexibility in driving because you do not get to drive whenever you want as a driver.

While driving for Uber is not the worst job out there it is kind of a good job however is not enjoyable with all the benefits you need to enjoy. This is because only workers or employees of the company are eligible for food benefits while drivers are not.



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