How Location Services make use of Facebook Dating

Do you want to know How Location Services make use of Facebook Dating Facebook dating is a feature inside a social media application that is one of the most powerful ones ever made? Many of us have and of this Facebook dating feature for quite a long time now. This is why it might come as a surprise to you that so many people do not know that this service makes use of location to work. Today we take a look at how location services make use of the Facebook dating feature.

How Location Services make use of Facebook Dating

If you want to know how the Facebook dating feature utilizes location this is the right guy for you today. We are not going to focus on how to activate and use Facebook dating like you normally would you rather will focus on how dating use location.

How Location Services make use of Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is a simple location-based after you have activated it and created a dating profile you will be matched based on available people in your location. Matching takes place based on the details you fill in of the kind of people you are interested in. And also if they are available in your location or not as you can specify it.

Before creating a Facebook dating profile you must turn on the location on your phone so that Facebook can know the location you base. If your location is off you will be prompted to turn it on before continuing to create your profile.

Once you’re done creating your account you must have already specified your distance preference this is what dating used to get you matched. This means you will not be matched with people outside of your distance preference.

Your location is only needed when creating your Facebook profile once the profile is created you can simply turn off your location without any problem. If you turn off your location you will still find matches based on the distance preference you have already specified.

How to Change Location on Facebook Dating

Your location is only needed for the creation of your Facebook dating account and also the specification of your distance preference. Once you are done creating your account you can simply turn off your location and you will still get matches based on your recent location.

For the location to be changed you need to know how to change your Facebook dating location. This process is easy all you need to do is simply log on to your Facebook account on a mobile application to do it. Just follow the block procedure to do that:

  • Launch the Facebook app and tap on the menu.
  • Tap on dating.
  • Select profile from the data menu.
  • Tap dating location.
  • Finally, tap on the reload button.

Can You Turn Off Location Services

From what I explained above only made to leave your location when creating a Facebook dating profile. After you are done creating your profile you can simply turn off your location services. However, you have to keep in mind that turning off your location destabilized your entire Facebook application functionality. This means your app will not function properly when it comes to location-based features.

Follow the below procedure to turn off your Facebook location;

  • Tap on Settings on your phone.
  • Now select the application.
  • Select Facebook.
  • Click on permission.
  • Finally, toggle it off.

Facebook Dating Change Location

Now that you have seen how to turn off location services for your Facebook dating you can now go ahead and turn it off if you want. Just bear in mind that the Facebook application as a whole will not function properly because location services are turned off.

Also turning off your Facebook dating location might cause you to have your Facebook dating location wrong. All you have to do in this case is to turn on your location again.



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