U.S Only Money Transfer Platform: Money Transfer Platforms

We will be discussing today “U.S Only Money Transfer Platform” A good percentage of people, at some point in time, have had the need to transfer money to someone. It could be a family member, a friend, or even a colleague in the office.

U.S Only Money Transfer Platform

And at times sending money directly from their banks could be stressful. This is why they make use of money transfer platforms. U.S only money transfer platform is apps that could be used for money transactions in the U.S.

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US Only Money Transfer Platform

U.S only money transfer platform makes money transfer easier and accessible to those in the U.S.  The best option to choose when it comes to US money transfer platform depends on individual needs because some platforms are best suited for a particular purpose.

For instance, if a person in the U.S wants to transfer money from one bank to another and wants to avoid high charges that occur when he or she uses his or her bank, the best thing to do would be to use U.S only money transfer platform.

This platform allows individuals to transfer money to one another through an application on their phone.

Some people also prefer to use platforms that the majority of their friends, family, and colleagues use. It makes it easy for one to quickly transfer money to and from the personal and professional contacts that one exchange money with most times.

There are lots of platforms that people can use for money transfer, but not all platforms can be used in the US.

There are some platforms for money transfer that can only be used in the US. US only money transfer platform includes apps that can only be used in the U.S for money transfer.

Money Transfer Platforms

Money transfer platforms are a downloadable application that allows individual’s to transfer funds/money to other people all around the world.

These platforms for transferring money are free to use and they are designed to run on smartphones and apps. the apps can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices.

Benefits of Using Money Transfer Platform

There are a good number of transfer platforms in use today. These transfer platforms offer advantages over using your bank to do a money transfer. Some of the benefits of using a money transfer platform are;

  • The transfers made are free.
  • Transfers are instantly available in your recipient’s account.
  • Instead of using your recipient’s bank details, what you need is their phone number, email address, or username.

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Best U.S Only Money Transfer Platforms

There are lots of transfer platforms that you can use in sending and receiving money from anywhere in the US. I will be listing some top-rated transfer platforms below which you could try out.

Google Pay

Google pay is a brilliant and seamless money transfer app, which conveniently works well on mobile devices. It allows users to send or request money with friends.

Some of Google pay features include; receiving and transferring money, authentication of identity using fingerprints. It also transfers money to a bank account instantly.

Samsung Pay

Samsung pay has arisen to become a favorite money transfer app for iOS and Android devices with its Geo-availability in the US.

Samsung pay features include a contactless payment system for users, and it also helps users find exciting deals close by. It allows users to pay online or offline merchants quickly by using handy features and it supports 1000+ credit unions and bank accounts.


PayPal is a popular company for sending money and purchasing money online. It also offers international transfer as a service. With the PayPal app, one can send money online and also request money.

Using the PayPal app, one can send money to family and friends within the US for free. One can pay for goods and services, and also track all account activity at a glance.


MoneyGram is one of the largest and oldest money transfer services. MoneyGram offers a range of services which includes sending and receiving cash.

Using these money transfer apps listed above, anyone can make money transactions without having to visit their banks first. More research can be done on Google.

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