Twitter Wants To Sell User Names on Its Platform

Twitter wants to sell usernames on its platform amid the reported unfair treatment of its UK employees.

Twitter Wants To Sell User Names on Its Platform

Twitter Wants To Sell Usernames on Its Platform

Employees of Twitter just recently discussed some usernames, but it is, however, unclear as to whether the company will be moving forward with this very idea as reported by the New York Times.

Elon Musk just last month said that he would begin cutting off inactive accounts on the platform and that move would get to free up to 1.5 billion user names. And with that being said, user names that feature famous and well-known names and words can be very valuable. In the past, hackers have taken over accounts on Twitter and then sold them on the black market.

Twitter Accused of Treating UK Workers Unfairly

The legal woes of titter continue to pile up as the social media platform has been accused of treating its UK employees unfairly. Former UK twitter employees in a letter on January 9 alleged that the social media platform violated UK law when he laid off workers as reported by CNN.

Winckworth Sherwood: Law Firm Representing the Affected Employees

The law firm representing the employees Winckworth Sherwood accused the social media platform of unlawful, unfair, and completely unacceptable treatment of its workers. 43 former UK employees in total said that they are well prepared to take their said complaint to the Employment Tribunal which is a UK system for employees to bring legal disputes against their employees which is now a sign that the social media platform Twitter could be facing more legal issues.


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