Twitter Set To Add Pointless Features to Its Platform

Twitter is set to add pointless features to its platform while it continues to mull and ponders being bought by Elon musk. Tweeter users can now even tweet with another person and also listen to podcasts.

Twitter Set To Add Pointless Features to Its Platform

Twitter Set To Add Pointless Features to Its Platform

The social media platform is still very much in the mix of being bought by Elon Musk, the CEO of Telsa. The platform as of late has also been seen testing out two new features. One of the features the platform is trying out is the ability for users to listen to podcasts within the app itself on both android and iOS. The other feature on the test is one where users can cotweet with another user in posting a tweet.

And even as the company is trying out new features such as allowing users to tweet with one another, the deal with the social media platform and Elon musk look to be under duress and this is mainly due to the fact of data of spam and bots that cannot be verified as per the Washington Post.

What Does This Mean For Elon Musk and Twitter

What does this mean? Well, this is simple. This simply means that the data that Elon musk wanted to get back in May that caused a pause on the deal is not holding up yet. At the moment, it’s testing and uncertain times for one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, Twitter. However, when you take a look at these two new features set to be introduced to the platform, you can help but to wonder if really they are really needed now and what is their point in general?

Analysis of the New Features

In the matter of cotweets, it is just as exactly as you would expect it. When you are now composing a tweet on the platform, you can now add someone who you follow and who follows you. And once the tweet s approved by both of you, the tweet is sent with both of you being paraded as the author.

The feature is quite simple and could be utilized if you are part of a project for instance. It can also be used to announce something without the need of retweeting the other person’s account. The feature currently is in testing across the US, Canada, and Korea for selected users. However, Twitter has always made sure to add that the feature currently is an experiment and could therefore be called off at just about any time if the feature is seen as a failure.

Now going into the other feature that the social media platform has not yet announced. This is one feature I really do not find any reason for, yet. With the look of things, it seems that there will be a dedicated podcast tab just beside your timeline, mentions, and your profile icons on the social media platforms app.

From tweets regarding the feature so far, it would be fair to assume that external podcasts may be available on the spaces feature. Here anyone on the platform can easily create an audio conversation and then people can enter as guests and ask questions. It is that simple.

The feature looks like the next step for the spaces feature, but taking a look at it from another angle, it seems kind of irrelevant as there are many other dedicated apps such as pocketcasts and overcast that can simply manage your podcasts.


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