Twitter Says New Videos Will Be Less Pixelated

Twitter Says New Videos Will Be Less Pixelated – If you are a conversant user of the Twitter platform then you should know that the poor video quality had been a long-running frustration for all users.

Twitter Says New Videos Will Be Less Pixelated

On Friday however, the company shared some great news regarding the issue. Twitter said in a tweet from its support account that, “videos uploaded to the service will now appear less pixelated for a better watching experience.”

Twitter Says New Videos Will Be Less Pixelated

Twitter told the verge that the platform has removed a pre-processing step in its video pipeline when you upload videos. Twitter clarified that the already removed step split videos into smaller units for ingestion and this could reduce the quality of videos because of the additional processing.

In an attempt to test the update by Twitter, app researcher Jane Manchu Wong uploaded a video. (The sound on the video is a bit loud, so you may want to turn down the volume before watching it.)

The video however looked and appeared better. Twitter reported that the changes made on Friday are not yet supported in Twitter media studio and this is what Wong used in uploading the video. Check out the video in the reply to Wong twitter said used the improved video quality. And just like the other video, it is also loud.

Are There Improvements

The second video seems to be improved compared to what users are used to on the platform. But it is not yet clear as to how much with the mostly black background. Both videos however are not as of high quality as to videos you may find on other platforms like YouTube and twitch though. This upgrade also only applies to newly uploaded videos therefore older videos on the platform will not get the improvements.


It is quite promising and interesting from a user’s perspective that Twitter is putting in some effort to improving the video experience on the platform. And the upgrade may not just be limited to video quality only as research by Wong also suggests that Twitter is working on video playback speed options.


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