Tubebuddy Pricing – Tubebuddy Pricing Plan

Tubebuddy Pricing. Tubebuddy is a great tool to boost your YouTube channel growth and make a lot of money from your content. Using this amazing toolkit saves a whole of time in managing your channel and its plans are affordable compared to other youtube channel management toolkits. The tubebuddy plan pricing is not as expensive as you think and it’s worth the cash. Moreover, tube buddy offers free upgrades as well as a free trial, so you can give it a try.

Tubebuddy Pricing

The #1 rated extension for creators and there are over 4 million brands as well as creators using this platform. Although, some may ask ‘is it worth paying for Tubebuddy?’, my answer is Yes. Of course, tube buddy is worth the money having being certified by youtube itself since 2015 and highly recommended by Chrome, Pepsi, Microsoft, and other major companies. It is well built with amazing features that help in running your channel with ease and giving you more comprehensive research.

Tubebuddy Pricing Plan

Unlike other youtube channel management and optimization toolkits, Tubebuddy Pricing plan is way more affordable. Besides, having a free plan, one can explore the tool before thinking of putting money into it. Although, some features are limited on the free plan which is expected. So, if you are a first-time user, I recommend you taking this plan before going for any paid plans. So below are the tubebuddy Pricing plan:

  • Tubebuddy free
  • Tubebuddy pro
  • Tubebuddy star
  • Tubebuddy legend

Tubebuddy free

This is well recommended for those who are just starting to use this plan for the very first time. Despite its free nature, it is well endowed with great tools that still grow your youtube channel effectively. It is way more than a free trial as tubebuddy gives you access to unlimited features. There are so many things you can do with this free version of Tubebuddy like advanced video embedding, search insights, channel valuation, the best time to publish, and lots more.

Tubebuddy pro

Based on tubebuddy, it is recommended for those who are starting their youtube journey. Moreover, tubebuddy gives 50% off for those having less than 1000 subscribers and 20% off if you are going for an annual payment. The tubebuddy Pro price is $7.2 per month and $3.6 per month having 1000 subscribers if well calculated. In this plan, you get access to new tools which is better than the tubebuddy free plan.

Tubebuddy star

This is actually the most popular among others as it is recommended by tubebuddy for content creators seeking to gain maximum efficiency and time-saving. It cost $15.2 per month and doesn’t have the 1000 subscribers discount which is meant for only the tubebuddy Pro. Moreover, you can go for the annual billing which is still 20% off.

Tubebuddy legend

As the name sounds exceptional, so are the features. It is well compacted with advanced features that will set you on a competitive edge and lead you to success. Tubebuddy legend price amounts to $39.20 per month and well benefits from the annual discount which is 20%. With this great plan expanding your reach is not a problem at all. This amazing plan helps you with in-depth statistics, having so many features that also help you with keywords, thumbnail, insights, analysis, quick-editing, and so on.


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