Phone Numbers Used in the Squid Game Will be Edited Out Says Netflix

Phone numbers used in the squid game will be edited out says Netflix. The squid game which is fast rising and on track to be Netflix’s all-time top series will be getting an edit.

Phone Numbers Used in the Squid Game Will be Edited Out Says Netflix

Phone Numbers Used in the Squid Game Will be Edited Out Says Netflix

The edit will be coming after phone numbers that were shown in the popular series dialed real numbers. The company described the action as unfortunate prank dials. The Korean series is all about a game, a sadistic game where players are to play games without any option but to participate in a series of challenges that can be seen as twisted. The challenges where players find themselves participating contain visible numbers in various scenes. The trailer even has a visible phone number.

What Netflix and the Production Company Siren Had To Say

The news was earlier reported by Reuters. They reported that Netflix and production company siren pictures are saying that they did not include a complete number on purpose and also they were not aware that the numbers shown would reach a real line.

When asked for a comment, Netflix confirmed to the verge and other tech news websites that the said numbers that appeared in the squid game will be edited. The company also added that it hopes the changes that will be made to the series would end the prank calls

The Effects of The Squid Game Prank Calls

An owner of the number that was called with the number in the squid game told local news media that he has been bombarded with messages and calls. He also added that the results of the calls and messages had made things difficult when it comes to living a normal life. With the reports, it however seems that multiple individuals may have been on the receiving end of calls and texts from over-excited viewers of the squid game. On request to know if the series has affected more local numbers, Netflix has not yet commented.

The Effect of the Squid Game Series in the World

The series, squid game, has suddenly become a fan favorite as it has been a massive success for the streaming company since its release. The series has become the company’s top title in the US as of last week. And it is still the top tile in the US as of this week. This is the first Korean series to achieve this fit according to Netflix in the company’s history.

The news certainly is a great one for the creators of the show and also it is a win for the streaming service, Netflix. One can therefore assume that those in the receiving end of these calls feel differently about the series though.


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