Travel Safety Apps: Key Features to Look out for

As much as travelling is such an exciting experience, ensuring your safety while exploring new destinations is paramount. You cannot joke about your safety. Thanks to the wonders of technology, travel safety apps have become indispensable companions for globe-trotters.

Travel Safety Apps
Travel Safety Apps

These apps offer a range of features designed to enhance your security and provide peace of mind throughout your journey.

Real-time navigation, emergency assistance, and location-sharing functionalities are just a few of the tools these apps provide. Before you set out on your adventure, consider installing a reputable travel safety app that aligns with your specific needs.

Many of these apps allow you to receive instant updates on local safety conditions, weather forecasts, and any potential disruptions in your chosen destination.

Some even integrate with local emergency services, ensuring that help is just a few taps away in case of an unexpected situation. Below are some of the best travel safety apps.

The Importance of Travel Safety Apps

Travel safety apps have tools designed to keep you informed and secure during your journeys. From real-time threat notifications to emergency services contacts, these apps act as virtual guardians, providing you peace of mind throughout your journey.

Key Features to Look for in Safety Travel Apps

Real-time location tracking

With these apps, you can stay connected with loved ones by sharing your real-time location. This feature not only enhances communication but also ensures that someone knows your whereabouts in case of an emergency.

Emergency alerts

You will receive instant notifications about potential threats or emergencies in your vicinity. Whether it’s natural disasters, civil unrest, or other hazards, being well-informed empowers you to make safer decisions.

Offline maps and navigation

Don’t let spotty internet connections hinder your exploration. Offline maps and navigation features help you navigate unfamiliar territories even without a data connection.

SOS and Panic Buttons

In times of distress, every second counts. Travel safety apps often come equipped with SOS or panic buttons that, when pressed, send immediate alerts to pre-set emergency contacts and services.

Top Travel Safety Apps

Before you go on your next trip, install the following apps, they are some of the best out there.

TravelSafe Pro

This is one of the most comprehensive safety apps. TravelSafe Pro combines essential features for a worry-free journey. With its user-friendly interface and proactive approach to safety, this app has gained popularity among frequent travelers.

Key features
  • Local safety ratings: This app utilizes crowd-sourced data and gives you up-to-date safety ratings for various neighborhoods, helping you make informed decisions about where to stay and visit.
  • Real-time incident reports: You will receive instant updates on local incidents, from traffic disruptions to protests.
  • Travel itinerary integration: With this app, you can seamlessly sync your travel itinerary, allowing TravelSafe Pro to tailor safety recommendations based on your planned activities and destinations.

Sitata Travel Safe

If you need a holistic approach to safety, then Sitata Travel Safe is your guy, it combines real-time alerts, health information, and personalized recommendations. This app is particularly useful if you are a health-conscious traveler seeking to navigate the complexities of international travel.

Key features

  • Health advisory notices: This app gives you information about health-related risks at your destination, including disease outbreaks and vaccination recommendations.
  • Emergency services locator: With this app, you can access contact information for local emergency services wherever you are.
  • Travel community insights: This app helps connect you with a community of travelers to share insights and tips.


TravelAssist is a robust travel safety app catering to both individual travelers and corporate entities. Its emphasis on real-time communication and emergency response sets it apart as a reliable companion if you are seeking a proactive safety solution.

Key features
  • 24/7 emergency support: With this app, you will have access to a dedicated support team at any time, ready to assist you with emergencies ranging from medical issues to unexpected travel disruptions.
  • Check-in reminders: The app helps you set periodic check-in reminders to reassure your loved ones about your safety. If you miss a check-in, the app automatically notifies your emergency contacts.
  • Travel document vault: You can safely store important travel documents within the app, ensuring easy access when needed.


Travefy is more than just a trip-planning app; it integrates safety features to enhance your overall travel experience. It combines itinerary management with real-time safety updates. This app is your go-to travel companion.

Key features
  • Collaborative itinerary planning: Travefy helps you plan your trip collaboratively with friends or family and ensures everyone stays on the same page about your trip.
  • Weather alerts: With this app, you will receive weather alerts for your destination, helping you pack appropriately and stay informed about any weather-related disruptions.
  • Local laws and customs information: This app helps you stay aware of local laws and customs at your destination.


SaferMe focuses on crowd-sourced safety information, creating a dynamic platform where users contribute real-time updates. This community-driven approach ensures that the app remains relevant and responsive to the ever-changing travel landscape.

Key features
  • User-generated reports: The app contributes to the safety of the community by submitting real-time reports on incidents, hazards, or safety concerns.
  • Customizable alerts: You can tailor your alert preferences based on your travel profile and preferences. SaferMe allows you to receive notifications that align with your specific safety priorities.
  • Offline mode: Access critical safety information even without an internet connection. SaferMe’s offline mode ensures that you remain connected to safety updates in remote or low-connectivity areas.


Travello is a social travel app that not only connects like-minded travelers but also incorporates safety features for a well-rounded travel experience. If you are seeking a perfect community-driven approach to safety, this is your app.

Key features
  • Safety community forums: It helps you engage in safety discussions within the app’s community forums.
  • Safety meetups: Helps you connect with other travelers in your vicinity for safety meetups.
  • Local safety tips: Access user-generated safety tips for specific locations. This feature provides valuable insights into the safety considerations of different areas from those who have been there.


This app is powered by Allianz and is an all-in-one travel safety app that combines emergency assistance, travel insurance information, and real-time safety alerts. It’s a comprehensive solution if you are a traveler that prioritizes preparedness and security.

Key features
  • Emergency services directory: With this app, you can quickly locate nearby hospitals, pharmacies, and embassies with its comprehensive emergency services directory.
  • Travel insurance integration: Travelsmart helps you seamlessly access your travel insurance details and policy information.
  • Language Translator: You can overcome language barriers with the app’s built-in translator. This feature assists you in communicating with locals and navigating emergencies more effectively.

Smart Traveler

Developed by the U.S. Department of State, Smart Traveler is an official app designed to provide U.S. citizens with essential travel information. It’s a go-to resource for those seeking government-backed travel advisories and assistance.

Key features
  • Travel advisories and alerts: This app helps you receive real-time travel advisories and alerts issued by the U.S. Department of State.
  • Embassy locator: Easily find the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate in case of emergencies.
  • Traveler registration: Register your trip with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. This feature allows the government to contact you in case of emergencies or provide important information during your travels.

Tips For Using Travel Safety Apps Effectively

Set up emergency contacts

Before you go on your trip, make sure that you have designated emergency contacts within the app. This could include family members, friends, or local authorities.

Familiarize yourself with app features

Make sure you understand all the features your chosen travel safety app offers; this will help you react swiftly in case of an emergency.

Keep app and maps updated

Technology evolves rapidly, and so do safety features. Regularly update your travel safety app to benefit from the latest enhancements and ensure accurate information.


As you go on your next trip, let technology be your ally in ensuring you are safe. Travel safety apps are more than just digital tools; they are guardians that empower you to explore the world with confidence. Choose the app that suits your needs, and understand how it works so you can use the app properly when on a trip.



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