Top VPN Apps for Android: A Comprehensive Review and Comparison

Unsecured networks and naive web users are increasingly becoming a thing of the past and the average user now knows what the threats are and how they can combat them.

Top VPN Apps for Android
Top VPN Apps for Android

VPNs are one such tool used to tackle malicious attacks, and several quality VPN apps can keep your Android device secure. But which ones are best? Let’s find out!

The Best VPN App: McAfee Security VPN Antivirus

In our opinion, the best VPN app for Android comes from a brand you’re probably familiar with.

McAfee has been around since the birth of the internet and it has led the way in online protection since then. Its firewalls and anti-virus programs have consistently been ranked as the best in class, and the company has always been at the cutting edge of anti-malware and anti-virus technology.

With all that considered, it’s no surprise that McAfee tops the list for our pick of VPN Android apps. But there’s much more than a name and a reputation behind this one.

Why It’s Number 1

McAfee Security: VPN Antivirus is more than just a VPN. It’s more than a VPN with anti-virus. If you opt for the Advanced option, you’ll get a comprehensive security package that includes safe browsing, a VPN, Wi-Fi scans, credit monitoring, ID theft protection, and more.

That’s one of the main reasons why we have chosen it as our number 1. Internet security requires a multi-faceted approach, one that can protect you against malware, viruses, spoofing, ID theft, and malicious attacks, while protecting against unsecured networks and keeping your browsing safe.

Many VPNs advertise private browsing and usually overplay the “watch Netflix from another country!” card. They undersell themselves and don’t always bother with the additional features. McAfee Security doesn’t make that mistake.

How it Compares

All ages can be scammed, and it might surprise you to learn that people under 60 are significantly more likely to report being the victim of a scam. However, there are a few exceptions, and they include tech support scams, family and friend imposters, and business imposters in which case older people are much more likely to be victims.

Limited tech knowledge is part of the reason for this, and if that’s going to change, security apps need to be more readily available and easier to use. McAfee Security ticks that box.

It is also very easy to use. VPNs by their nature are quite simple, but if you’re new to the technology, this one makes things even easier.

The Plans Available

McAfee Security has a free plan available. It’s not a paid app that you must buy before you download, and it’s not one of those subscription apps that will hassle you for a payment before you even try it out. There is a free package available and it gives you complete protection for 7 days.

Beyond that, you can choose whether you want the Basic or Advanced package, with varying features and prices to ensure all needs are met.

The Basic package essentially covers all key aspects relating to the user’s device and browsing habits, including:

  • Anti-virus protection
  • Secure VPN and safe browsing
  • Identity monitoring
  • Wi-Fi scan
  • Scam protection

The Advanced version adds premium features such as:

  • Transaction monitoring
  • Credit monitoring
  • ID restoration
  • Scam protection feature

The 7-day trial is available on Android for all packages and basic plans on iOS.

What about the Downsides?

No app is perfect. Most app users are happy to accept that fact and only ask that the developers admit their mistakes and remedy them where possible.

How many times have you found what seems like the perfect game or app, only for a new update or feature to ruin it? It happens all the time, and it’s proof—if you needed it—that developer involvement is key. As you would expect from an established and reputable company like McAfee, it goes out of its way to deal with user issues.

Most bad reviews complaining about issues and unwanted features have received a response, and the app is updated regularly, showing that changes are being implemented.

On the whole, McAfee Security has over 820,000 reviews, more than half of which are 5 stars.

Summary: Best VPN Apps for Android

The use of VPNs has exploded over the last few years. Internet users are more security savvy and there is also a better selection than ever before. McAfee Security VPN Antivirus is one of the best apps for keeping your Android device safe, and it comes with the backing of one of the biggest names in online security.

Whether you agree with our conclusion or not, make sure you download a VPN app to your Android device and keep it active whenever you use unsecured networks or want to keep your activity secure.



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