Top Rated Podcast 2021: Top 10 Podcasts 2021

Getting the top rated podcast 2021 is quite easy now giving the fact that the app is now available on different platforms, which you can easily get access to. There is a podcast for everything these days. No, literally. If you hop on any major platform, Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, you can get lost in the library of podcasts covering everything from sex to true crime.

The point being, it’s niche as hell and you can get as deep or as superficial as you want. We’re obsessing over these podcasts about dating, true crime, work, and more. Just like you’d turn on a favorite song or radio station, podcasts are a great way to keep your mind occupied while doing chores, prepping dinner, working out, or commuting.

Top Rated Podcast 2021

Top Rated Podcast 2021

We are still on the top rated podcasts 2021. Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of podcasts or looking for your next great listen, we’ve got you covered. With a similar format to talk radio, podcasts usually feature a host or hosts discussing the subject at hand.

That can range from news to cooking, interviewing special guests or each other, sharing personal stories, performing an audio play, or some combination of all of the above. Podcasts vary in length, too. Some of the shortest ones last just five minutes for a bite-sized listen between tasks, while others marathon for hours so you can really settle into the story.

Top 10 Podcasts 2021

From popular picks that you might not have had time to listen to until now to exciting new shows worthy of all of our attention, here are the top 10 podcasts to tune into right now;

My Favorite Murder

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark have been doing this for five years now, but the idea still feels as taboo and sketchy as the title suggests, but like you know when you get together with that one friend? And y’all start talking about your favorite horrific true crime story? And then everyone else feels weird because you’re in the gory details and this was supposed to be a really nice dinner party? Put that in podcast form and that’s what you have here.

You Must Remember this

Karina Longworth’s podcast feels like listening to a secret—half because of her perfectly mysterious and dramatic narrative voice and half because the show explores the “secret and/or forgotten” histories of Hollywood in the 20th century.

You’re Wrong About

Pop culture nerds and history lovers, this is the show for you. Each week, journalists Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall reconsider a historical event—from the Stanford Prison Experiment to the murder of Kitty Genovese and the bystander effect, to (my personal favorite) Newsies and the real newsboys’ strike of 1899 that has been misunderstood by the public for years.

Dead Eyes

Twenty-one years ago, actor/comedian Connor Ratliff was fired by Tom Hanks from the 2001 HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. He was told the reason he was let go from this small speaking role is that America’s Dad thought Ratliff had “dead eyes.” In 2020, Ratliff debuted this podcast investigation into the circumstances of his firing. But, in the year since he launched this podcast, it has turned into a much more human and universal story.

Welcome to your Fantasy

If you like true crime, Welcome to Your Fantasy will scratch that itch while it brings you a little-known sexy, seedy 80s history lesson, too. This eight-part storytelling deep-dive by historian Natalia Petrzela explores how an immigrant from India and a children’s TV producer from New Jersey built the notorious male exotic dancers empire known as Chippendales and the greed and corruption that ultimately led to a dark, deadly downfall.

Podcasts have transformed the daily grind into an altogether more bearable experience. Providing some much-needed escapism from lockdown and bringing moments of joy to its listeners. You can get more of the top 10 rated podcasts this 2021 here.

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