Top New Year Movies on Disney Plus to Watch In 2023

Have you thought of getting a good movie for the new year holiday? Well, if that has not come to your mind then you should count yourself lucky.

Top New Year Movies on Disney Plus to Watch In 2023
Top New Year Movies on Disney Plus to Watch In 2023

If you are not too social or don’t like going to parties, getting a really cool movie would do a lot of good. On this note, we will be giving you a list of good movies on Disney plus to watch this 2023 new year.

Top New Year Movies on Disney Plus to Watch In 2023

Over time, Disney Plus has been rated one of the best and most favourite homes for movies and tv shows. On Disney, you will be accessible to one of the best movies of all time. Disney gives out its best for all viewers and has promised to make this new year’s holiday a memorable one. Below is a list of top Disney plus to watch this 2023 new year:

New Year’s Eve 

This is a romantic comedy movie. It is an amazing store that promises love, forgiveness, second chances and more. Certainly, no list can be completed without placing this movie on it. If you will want to laugh and at the same time view the beauty of love, then you should pick this movie for your New Year’s Eve.

 Turning Red

Turning red is one interesting movie with an amazing storyline that talks about a 13-year-old girl growing up in Toronto in the early ‘00s who turned into a giant red panda when she gets excited or stressed. However, it turned out that her family is cursed which came through her mother’s bloodline. However, there was a way to contain the curse and the only way was to perform a ritual.

The Lion King

The Lion King is an epic story painted on such an exquisite canvas from the vast plains t the bubbling green lava of Scar’s lair. It also spawned an entire generation of people who like to lift their pets up into the sky like Rafiki showing off baby Simba.

Sister Act

This is a rated 14 and above movie of the peak of Whoopi Goldberg which involves a performance where she can be cut without being callous. And in great astonishment, she can sign.  The movie is really a people-pleasing one and has been rated to be one of Disney’s best.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy

How about getting an action movie for this new year? This movie talks about a franchise concerned chiefly with the adventures of scallywag pirate jack sparrow, as he crosses paths with his mutinous former first mate Barbossa, the fiercely independent Elizabeth Swann, and her bland.

Thor: Ragnarök

This movie talks about a young man who is imprisoned on the other side of the universe called Thor, found himself in a deadly gladiatorial contest that pits him against the Hulk, his former ally and follows Avenger. However, Thor’s quest for survival leads him in a race against time to prevent the all-powerful Hala from destroying his home world and the Asgardian civilization.

High School Musical

Well, no list can really be completed without adding this movie to it. The opening of New with the spirit of love and romance will not be a bad idea at all. This is one of the oldest movies but still one of the best so far. It is a story that talks about musical younger versions who fell in love with each other but used music to express their feelings.

Free Guy

Free Guy is an interesting movie that talks about a guy who realizes that he is part of a video game. However, it is regarded as a non-player movie and it is described as one of the most successful game movies among others.


This is a traditional story of Tarzan. It talks about a man raised by apes who is then torn when the chance to rejoin humanity presented itself in the admired jane. This is one of the best and highly recommended movies you should consider watching on New Year’s Eve.


Pinocchio is all about Geppetto who is a grieving wood carver whose wish is granted to bring to life his marionette, Pinocchio. However, with instructions from a wise cricket and a fairy, Pinocchio will have to learn to live an honest and virtuous life to become a real boy.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The movie is one that gives a clear description of what it contains, which is “you are beautiful on the inside”. Getting this movie on Disney for your New Year’s Eve will be very helpful as improves self-confidence and worth.


You will don’t have to go out before having fun, as you can get the fun you want by watching interesting and educative moves. Furthermore, you can consider watching movies that will laugh beyond majors. However, you should ensure you have by your side a nice popcorn as you enjoy Disney plus.



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