Top Canadian Companies Hiring for Remote or Flexible Jobs

As an individual, if you are searching for the Top Canadian Companies Hiring for Remote or Flexible, part-time, or freelance jobs, then you have clicked on the right post. Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, most people that were job hunting, actually gave up on it, but do you know that you can still work and have time for your family? With the Top 10 list of the best Canadian companies that are still hiring people for remote and flexible jobs, you can actually make choices. The list is actually countless, but actually I will be listing just the top 10. So read on.

Top Canadian Companies Hiring for Remote or Flexible Jobs

Top Canadian Companies Hiring for Remote or Flexible Jobs

These companies are specifically for Canadians. They offer remote, flexible, part-time, and freelance jobs even in this quarantine time. The act for writing this list of Top Canadian Companies Hiring for Remote or Flexible Jobs is to help Canadians to easily find and research legit employers embracing workplace flexibility and remotely. There’s no doubt you will find the one that interests you. So here’s my list;

  • Eagle.
  • Manulife Financial.
  • Profile Factory.
  • Valnet.
  • excelHR.
  • Lannick Group.
  • Shopify.
  • Morneau Shepell.
  • Procom Services.
  • Bell.
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Eagle is actually a Canadian company that is a staffing and recruiting agency that places accounting, finance, consulting, management, and also technology professionals. They offer full time and contract positions. Eagle, also known as Eagle Professional Resources is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in the year 1996 and there are 10 additional offices in the whole country. The goal of this company is to provide customers with the best talent as it strives to be the premier Canadian recruiting agency for clients, and employees.

Manulife Financial

Manulife  Financial is actually dedicated to building and upholding a reputation as a strong corporate citizen in Canada. It serves customers across Canada, Asia, and the US with financial services. The services are designed for people to make better decisions. Manulife  Financial has been functioning for as long it can be, but still made it to the second place on my list today. It was founded in 1887 and has held offices in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, headquarters since 1925.

The Company employs an international team of more than 30, 00 employees, plus more than 65, 000 agents and distribution partners. If you are searching for companies that are hiring for remote and flexible jobs, then Manulife  Financial is actually here to serve.

Profit Factory

This company is headquartered in St. Albert, Alberta. Profile Factory helps business owners to grow their businesses while reducing their headaches that are attached to running an organization or business. It offers educational and consulting services to entrepreneurs and owners of companies of all sizes. As an employer, it advocates a flexible work environment. That means you can actually work from work.

The services that are offered on Profit Factory are Builder’s Club, 80/20 Retreat, speaking engagements, personal interviews, private consulting, and many others.


When it comes to content creation, online publishing, and media distribution, Valnet is the world leader. Vanet is specialized in creating and distribution of original content for audiences and worldwide brands. The company’s specialties are in web development, online marketing, advertising, web investment, and traffic (high) sites.

Valnet is located in Saint Laurent, Quebec, Canada, and also strives to be a leader when it comes to content creation. If you are great in content creation and any of the services I mentioned above, then this is the right company for you to check out.


excelHR is a distinguished human resources company that was founded in 1989. And also one of the leading recruitment and staffing services agencies. excelHR has its headquarter in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with other offices in some parts. This company specializes in temporary and permanent placement in administration support, finance, communications, account, insurance, healthcare, human resources, and many others.

Lannick Group

This is a privately held Canadian owned and operated staffing firm and was established in 1985. Lannick Group is the largest regional accounting and finance staffing firm in the whole of Canada. Lannick Group has its headquarter in Ontario, Canada and it serves professionals throughout Toronto and some other offices Ottawa, North York, and Mississauga, Ontario. Flexible jobs that are posted by the company in the past include freelance and temporary jobs. On the role you get, the company assigns full-time schedules and long term and short term assignments.


Shopify is one of the top companies that are still hiring or offering remote and flexible jobs for individuals. It is an eCommerce company that over the years has developed a multi-channel, cloud-based commerce platform for midsize and small firms. The company’s software is used to design, organize, and also manage stores across a wide variety of sales channels such as web, social media, mobile, etc. Shopify offers freelance, flexible schedules, and remote jobs for applicants worldwide.

Morneau Shepell

For many years, Morneau Shepell has actually been the leading firm with human resources consulting and outsourcing solutions and services. This company has taken an integrated approach to employee assistance, retirement, health needs, and also benefits. Morneau Shepell is a flexible workplace that anyone would wish to work with. Also, it is designed to meet the needs of its employees and family by providing eligible team members paid time off, medical coverage, disability coverage, and access to most of the area’s top best doctors.

Procom Services

This is a privately-held staffing agency that focuses on filling IT positions for Fortune 500 Companies. Procom was founded in 1978 and has its headquarter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With some other offices across the country. The major aim of the company is to deliver innovative solutions and also services. This mission is carried out by providing services that match employers with professional job seekers.


Bell is a company based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest communications company located in Canada. The company offers a broad range of broadband products, enterprise, and government customers throughout Canada. Which includes high-speed internet, local and international phone service, satellite television, and many others.

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