Facebook Memory – Memory on Facebook | How to Share Memory on Facebook

What I believe you have heard of Facebook Memory? If you haven’t heard of this service before then you are missing a lot on Facebook. Now Facebook has changed the way users look at social media. Facebook has really brought a lot of features for users online to make social media a nice place to be and full of fun. There are some people who get their mobile phones stolen or sold, in this case, their photos, videos, and contents will be gone. But when these contents are posted on Facebook, then no need for you to worry Facebook got you covered.

Facebook Memory

Facebook Memory

I believe you know that Facebook has really made users smile and happy all the time, due to the amazing features it offers. Facebook has brought a new way of dating online, not only that the also brought something new on the platform. One of the features on Facebook is Facebook Avatar; this is what is trending now. You can check it on my website, details all about the Facebook Avatar is on my site, just search it and you will see a lot of articles about it. Today what I will be sharing with you is Facebook Memory.

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Facebook Memory Posts

Now on Facebook, you can get reminded of your posts from the year you became a Facebook user. Each year will be reminded on Facebook, every activity you do on Facebook is been kept and will be displayed year after year. But before you can get memory on Facebook, you got to be a Facebook user. This means you must have a Facebook account which means you must be a member on Facebook. There are lots of tips I will be giving you today on the topic.

Memory Pictures on Facebook

The Facebook memory like I said earlier is a service that always reminds you of your yearly activities on your Facebook account. This includes your birthday celebration, users you became friends with, also your videos and photos. Also, all your posts will be reminded and will be displayed to you. But if you feel, you don’t want it, and then I am going to show you how to turn it off. If you want it then I will also show you how to access it and see all your Facebook memories. But you must keep on reading this article for more and full details.

Memory on Facebook

Memory on Facebook can be controlled; yes you can control how you want to see your Facebook memories. Also, you can control who sees or view your Facebook memory, you can even hide it on Facebook. I am going to show how to turn on and off your Facebook memory notifications, also how to share it with your friends on Facebook too.

Memory on This Day Facebook

Now, this is a service that is free on Facebook and does not cost anything, it is not a monetized service. You can use it for free on Facebook; all you just need to do is to be a Facebook user. Now once you become a Facebook user Facebook features becomes free and available for you to use.

How to Access Facebook Memories

Now when you want to access your Facebook memories is very easy, I am going to show you how you can access your memories on Facebook. Just follow all the guideline below:

If you want to view your Facebook memories then you should follow all the steps below for directions:

Here is how to view Facebook memories on iPad or iPhone;

  • Open the Facebook app on your device.
  • Tap the three dots at the bottom right corner of the page on the screen.
  • Then scroll down and click see more.
  • Tap or click “on this day”.

When you do these completely then you will see your memories on the Facebook platform.

Here is how to see your memories on Facebook using the android device;

  • Open the Facebook app on your device.
  • Tap the three dots icon at the top right of the page on your screen.
  • Then scroll down and click “see more”.
  • Tap “on this day”.

Then your memories on Facebook will be displayed.

Here is how to see your memories on Facebook using the Facebook website;

  • Access your internet and go to facebook.com.
  • Then the next thing you do is log in.
  • Tap “see more” under the explore tab beside your screen.
  • Tap on “on this day”.

Then you will see your memories on Facebook successfully.

How to Turn on /off Facebook Memories Notifications

You can choose whether to get notifications for your memories on Facebook.  If you want to control your Facebook memories then follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Facebook memories website.
  • Then click “Notifications” on the left menu.
  • Now select “None” to turn off all notifications or “Highlights” to see less.

This is how to turn off or reduce your Facebook memory notifications.

How to Share Memory on Facebook

If you want to share your Facebook memories then read the steps below:

  • Access the Facebook memories link https://web.facebook.com/memories.
  • Then click share at the bottom of the memory you want to share.
  • You can add an optional update and then click post.

This is how to share your Facebook post.

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