This Anker 65W Charging Station Is Just $40 Right Now

This Anker 65W charging station is just $40 right now, so what are you waiting for before you jump in on this offer? You get to save more than $25 on this very five-in-one power strip offer.

Anker 65W Charging Station

Anker 65W Charging Station

Compact well enough to take in your carry-on and also ideal for desktops, the Anker GaNPrime five-in-one 65-watt charging station power strip is on sale on Amazon for just $40 at the moment, and saving you $30 off the regular price at the moment, you just have to make sure to clip the on-page coupon in order to get the best price.

This very little power strip in question packs a really big punch: The five-in-one strip as you should know has two AC plugs, two USB-C ports as well as one USB-A port, and can be utilized to power a wide host, and a variety of devices simultaneously, and this is including phones, tablets, and even laptops.

Specs And Features of Anker’s 65W Charging Station

And that power in case you don’t know comes in hot as its high-speed charging provides just about enough power to charge a 14-inch MacBook Pro to 50% in just a matter of 37 minutes, Anker reveals. You also can most easily and effectively rest easy very well knowing that the ActiveShield 2.0 of Anker monitors the temperature of the charger intelligently, thus helping to prevent any form of overheating.

The Price of Anker’s 65W Charging Station

The price in question in case you don’t know is inclusive of the power strip, a 3-foot (0.9-meter) extension cord as well as a 24-month warranty. You can make use of it at home or even in a hotel room in a bid to charge several devices at once and not in a hurry.



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