This 300W Ugreen USB-C Charger Is $70 off Right Now

This 300W Ugreen USB-C charger is $70 off right now. You can easily charge your iPhone 15 and more with it just in case you don’t know and it is off $70 now. This huge Ugreen device in question can charge even the most power-hungry laptops as well as your new USB-C iPhone 15 with relative ease, and right now it is a bargain.

300W Ugreen USB-C Charger

300W Ugreen USB-C Charger

Charging all of your devices at once can at most times mean having multiple plugs in play, but what if it is that you could charge everything off of just one single outlet and still even have enough juice for even the most thirsty of laptops? The Ugreen Nexode 300-watt charger in question is the answer, and right about now it is yours for just $200. Do you have a new USB-C iPhone 15 that needs charging? If this is it with you, then this is a good place to start.

This charger as you should know normally would cost around $270 but if it is that you order now you will get to save a whopping 26% ($70) without even having to do anything special. The charger in question itself is very much available for quick delivery via Amazon and you just could be powering all of your laptops, phones, and many more as soon as tomorrow.

Ugreen USB-C Chargers Specs and Features

When it comes to USB-C chargers then you should know that Ugreen is one of the major names that often come to mind. The company in question makes a ton load of chargers of different shapes and sizes and this very 300-watt monster in question sits at the very top of the tree. The device in question has five ports with a maximum of 140 watts available through a single USB-C port. That is well enough to charge even the most powerful of laptops, but you should know that you can also charge multiple devices all at once without having to compromise on speed.

Two USB-C ports can effectively be used to deliver 100 watts to just one laptop and 140 watts to another, for instance. Even if it is that you use all five ports then you can still charge one device at the full 140 watts, too.

All of this in question comes in a box with a 240-watt USB-C cable to get you started so it is that you can be up and charging in no time at all.



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