5 Things Drinking too much Caffeine does to You

5 Things Drinking too much Caffeine does to You. Do you know that drinking too much caffeine can do more than five harmful things to you? Well, when you consume caffeine too much, it does more damage than good in your body.  As they say, prevention is better than cure. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the side effects of caffeine.5 Things Drinking too much Caffeine does to You

5 things drinking too much Caffeine does to You

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that enhances concentration and mental alertness. It is found in most of the beverages we take such as coffee, tea, chocolate, and cocoa. Taking caffeine boosts alertness and weight loss and enhances brain performance. A cup of coffee can also cure migraine, headaches, and fatigue.

Thus, many people rely on it to keep them awake, and alert and boost their recital, be it in sports or day-to-day activities. However, despite the benefits caffeine has to offer, it has a lot of side effects. Some of them are addressed below:


One of caffeine’s side effects is sleeplessness. Taking caffeine 3-6 hours before going to bed can interfere with your sleep.


Consuming too much caffeine speeds up heart rate, heightens senses, and stimulates the release of adrenaline. All these can cause nervousness and anxiety to those who consume them.

High Blood Pressure

It is a known fact that caffeine stimulates adrenaline release and speeds up the heart rate. Therefore, it can lead to high blood pressure when consumed.


As stated earlier in this article, caffeine is known to cure fatigue and boost performance.  However, when the caffeine gets used up in your system and finishes, the fatigue returns. Also, it can make you more tired than usual.

Frequent and Uncontrollable Urination

Constant intake of caffeine stimulates the bladder more frequently, leading to regular urination. In other words, drinking too many cups of coffee or tea increases your urge to urinate.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have discussed some of the side effects of consuming too much caffeine. However, if you are not too clear on the topic, you can go through this question-and-answer session:

Who Should not take Caffeine?

Although caffeine offers many health benefits, there are groups of people who should avoid excessive taking caffeine. Among these are adolescents and young adults. Also, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers should discuss caffeine intake with their doctors.

Can Caffeine Affect one’s Lifespan?

Taking caffeine daily can affect one’s lifespan positively. You can have a longer lifespan and lower risk of heart disease compared to when you avoid caffeine.

What does Coffee do to the Skin?

Intake of caffeine keeps you awake and alert. However, excessive alertness triggers stress hormones. When these hormones are released, they increase the oil content in your body. Thus, your chances of getting skin conditions like acne.

Can Caffeine Make me Look Older?

Caffeine is known to increase urination, thereby dehydrating the body and skin. It can make your skin lose moisture, thereby making you look older.

Does Drinking Coffee Affect Hair?

Taking coffee can enhance hair growth and prevent hair loss. It can help your hair grow longer and fuller.

When drinking coffee, tea, soda or energy drinks, bear it in mind that you shouldn’t take too much coffee daily. If you are an ulcer patient, have a heart condition or are trying to get pregnant, remember to limit your caffeine intake.



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