The Truth About Copy Trading – What It’s All About

Do you want to know The Truth About Copy Trading? Are you brainstorming ways to enhance your trading results and give a shot of adrenaline to the monthly bottom line? If that’s the case, rest assured there are several methods for getting the job done. Maybe you’ve already explored a few of them. But what about copy trading?

The Truth About Copy Trading

It’s a strategy most of the top brokers offer to their account holders, and it’s particularly simple to deploy. There are a few peculiarities to getting everything set up correctly, but the core features of the approach are not rocket science by any stretch of the imagination.

What’s more, millions of everyday adults are currently signed up with their brokers to take advantage of this relatively new way of buying and selling securities. What’s it about, and what is the most efficient way to learn the basics?

Plus, what are the steps a newcomer should follow to get started safely and simply? The following details include answers to all those questions, as well as a short listing of the pros and cons of copy trading that everyone should be aware of.

The Truth About Copy Trading – What It’s All About

The entire concept of copy trading was born in 2008, but it didn’t appear out of thin air. Instead, it was an offshoot of another tactic called mirror trading, which still exists and is quite a bit different from copy trading.

Without going into the many ways these two methods are unalike, just know that most mirroring enthusiasts are involved in institutional transactions and high-value buying and selling. For individuals who want to leverage the power of copying the actions of experts, copy trading is the way to go.

Anyone can do it, and most brokers will let account holders sign up without any fees or extra charges. In its most essential form, copy trading is the technique in which you exactly follow all the trades made by an experienced person, all of which are posted for you to see.

Nothing is kept secret, but the amounts invested by you are not the same as the amounts of the expert’s positions. Millions of accounts exist in which people use this method to duplicate the actions of experts. It’s all in the hope that everyday investors will be able to match the profitability of the leader or expert.

Learning the Basics

The good news is that the most popular strategies are universal. In other words, what works for investors and traders in Europe, the UK, Asia, and the US is equally effective for copy trading in South Africa, Australia, India, and elsewhere.

So, you won’t need to change techniques based on where you’re base of operations is located. Fortunately, there are no math formulas or complex strategies to learn. Creating a copying account calls for no special skills, and pretty much anyone can do it.

However, depending on which broker you use, there might be a few differences in how you set things up and change your account preferences. Most arrangements allow users to opt-out at any time if they feel the risk level is too high or if they decide to follow another leader.

Steps for Beginners

On most brokerage platforms, you’ll do the following to get started. First, let the broker know you want to sign up for an account. Next, indicate how much of your capital you want to put into the copy trading account.

Third, choose the expert from a list of available lead traders. Finally, follow along and see how you’re doing whenever you wish. There’s no requirement, but it’s wise to check in at least once per day. You are free to opt out of the agreement at any time.

The Upside and Downside

Like every other strategy in the securities markets, there are pros and cons. The overwhelming advantage is that beginners and less experienced can use some rather sophisticated techniques that they’d otherwise not even know about.

Additionally, when following, your account is on auto-pilot because all the decisions are being made for you. There, likewise, are a few negatives. Unless you watch and understand what’s going on, copy trading is not much of a learning experience.

You’re actually putting a portion of your capital under the direct control of someone else. While your broker might not charge you any fees for getting set up, the expert/leader usually charges a fee as a percentage of the profits you earn from following them.

Copy trading is not a magical formula for riches, but it is an excellent way for people to gain access to relatively advanced techniques for earning a profit in the securities markets. We hope you now know The Truth About Copy Trading.



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