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Most businesses today are seeking to have a presence on Facebook, but don’t which way to use between group and page. Fb Group vs Page is simply the difference between a group and a page on the platform. Lots of business owners wish to start up an online presence on Fb but most times confuse a page for a group.

As a business owner, if you want to start a presence on FB, you can either use a group or a page. Facebook over the years has become a great tool for business in terms of buying and selling. So, in this article, we’ll be talking about the difference and everything you need to know about Facebook group vs page.

FB Group vs Page

FB Group vs Page

The Fb group and page are different and each has its benefits. So, in order to select the one that best suits you, let’s dive in and have a look at the differences, features, pros, and cons of both communities.

Facebook Group

A Facebook group acts as a community or forum for discussion and sharing ideas and information with people with like minds. That is to say, people who share the same interest, location, or trait in the platform. There are different groups for users to join based on what they like. Groups were designed to be official profiles for entities like brands, celebrities. Just like a page, you need a personal Facebook profile to create. Well, on Facebook pages your profile isn’t visible but on groups, your profile is visible and you would be listed as an Administrator.

Creating a group is simple and free. Here is some basic feature of a Facebook Group;

  • Gives the ability to set rules for the group.
  • Moderating tools are available for the Admin.
  • Optional questions or surveys for those wishing to join the group.
  • An in-built calendar for the group.
  • Group description info will be displayed.

A group also is open for everyone to drop their opinions on issues or topics.

Facebook Page

A Facebook page enables public figures, organizations, brands or businesses, and other entities to create a presence on Facebook. Unlike your personal profiles, pages are made visible to everyone on the platform by default. People connect with pages by becoming fans and they receive updates on their newsfeed and decide to interact. With a Facebook page, brands can develop a deeper level of trust.

Here are also some basic features of a Page;

  • It includes information about the brand or company such as the description, contact info, operating hours, and location.
  • You can boost or promote posts on pages.
  • Track your follower’s engagement and reach.
  • Includes a review feature that is optional.
  • Followers can communicate with the Admins with messaging functionality.
  • Verification to confirm the legitimacy of the page.
  • Page posts are prioritized on the homepage.
  • Followers can be accessed via the Community tab.
  • If you have a group, you can actually link it o the page.

Pages also, servees courses.

Facebook Page vs Group – Pros and Cons

Both pages and groups play vital roles for businesses. Each has its good sides and downsides and we’ll be talking about that now. Here are the pros and cons of Fb group vs page;

Page Pros;

  • Facebook page is much easier to update and with it, brands stand better chances of reach. It works better for brands that add new materials frequently.
  • Pages look more like personal profiles so you can play the social context and engage at higher levels.
  • It has a customizable URL and you can promote the page to the fans/followers directly.
  • With pages, you have more options when it comes to posting images, links, events, etc.
  • Page owners can create banners and customize the page to serve their purpose.

Page Cons;

  • They seem a bit harder to grow organically and also require a Marketing Tool and spending to get a boost.
  • Pages take a lot longer to promote.
  • Managing conversations are a bit difficult, mostly between followers/fans.
  • A page is public, that is to say, everything is open.

Group Pros;

  • You can communicate with members easily via chats, posts, messages, email, etc.
  • Businesses are allowed to promote events.
  • Making connections are easier.

Group Cons;

  • Groups do not permit you to add additional applications.
  • Facebook insights are not available in Groups making it hard add to track what’s going on in the group.
  • Personalizing the group is difficult as there’s no vanity URL.
  • The audience in a group is Narrow.
  • Groups are difficult to find unlike pages unless you’re a member.

Now as an individual, you know the pros and cons of Groups and pages and also there a difference. The choice is now yours to make on which one you’d like to use. Both Groups and pages bring more improved ways for users to stay connected on the platform.


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