The Top Facebook Updates You Need to Know: Facebook Update | Facebook Update App

Here are The Top Facebook Updates You Need to Know. Keeping up with every Facebook update is near impossible. With about 2.8 billion monthly active users, the leading social media channel innovates to bring new and optimized experiences for their user base on a weekly basis.

The Top Facebook Updates You Need to Know

The Top Facebook Updates You Need to Know

Marketers looking to make the most of the platform need to have a strategy for Facebook SEO, and part of that includes staying on top of the latest trends and updates. In this article, we will outline every update that’s important for marketers to note alongside key Facebook developments no one should miss.

Facebook Launches Super, a Cameo-Like App

Facebook is known to learn from the best apps out there and create a version that’s often more successful than the original. In its latest move, Facebook launched an app called Super that allows anyone to pay for a celebrity shout-out within videos posted on the app.

This brings an additional channel for content creators who are looking for tools that allow them to easily monetize their audiences. Fans can give them gifts, pay to appear on their streams to ask a question or take an online selfie.

Facebook Briefly Suspends News Content in Australia

In this development that gained wide media notoriety, Facebook suspended sharing and viewing of any content from media, including international news, after the Australian courts introduced a Media Bargaining law that requires platforms like Facebook to compensate publishers for reusing their content. Less than a week after the suspension took place, Facebook reversed its decision following amendments to the law.

In its detailed article, Facebook explained that media content accounts for around 4% of all News Feed content, making it insignificant in terms of revenue generation for the company, yet for publishers relying on referral traffic from Facebook to generate advertising revenue it is beneficial or even paramount to have Facebook access.

Facebook Revamps Its Page Management

Remember how switching from your personal account to a business account and then back was always a hassle? Facebook is working to make this much simpler, along with other features that allow businesses to easily manage their pages using the Facebook Page Management app.

Facebook Boosts AI Alt Text Accuracy

Tech has come a long way in helping the blind and visually impaired engage with content and information. In its latest effort, Facebook improved the accuracy with which its AI can describe what’s represented on images. One key takeaway for marketers here is that you should really make your images count and ensure they aren’t too abstract and are relevant to your post.

Facebook Adds Shops Tab and Expands Shops to Instagram 

While adding a Shops tab is a small step, the overall Shops environment is a key development from Facebook that has now been rolled out to most of the world and on Instagram, too. In a lockdown environment where most in-store experiences have been suspended, Facebook Shops make it easy for retailers to create a shop-like experience on their Facebook or Instagram profiles.

The move echoes a larger trend that continues to bring social commerce to the forefront of the Facebook user experience and probably its revenue model too. The end goal is to make it as simple as possible for users to discover businesses, preview products, purchase them and manage all customer care within its app environment.

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