Books on Facebook Advertising – Step By Step Process to Facebook Ads

Have you heard about the power of Facebook Advertising? So books on Facebook advertising will definitely be an excellent idea. As authors, one of the main challenges is getting your books into the hands, or onto the Kindle, of the people who would love to read them. Easier said than done, right?

Books on Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising makes the entire book marketing process a whole lot easier. In fact, Facebook is able to turbocharge all of your long-term author efforts building a mailing list, driving traffic to your website, and learning all about your fans.

If you’re serious about experiencing long-term publishing success, you simply cannot afford to ignore Facebook advertising. It’s that simple.

Books on Facebook Advertising

Books on Facebook advertising has been a success story for many authors. There are some people out there that might be naysayers or have an opposite story…but let me show you why I truly believe that, if you spend the time to actually understand the insides of Facebook advertising, that you shouldn’t have a problem of finding success

Facebook has ballooned to over 1.4 billion users with 70% of those checking their Facebook every day. It’s been said that Americans check their Facebook status on average of 7 times a day. Shoot, I won’t lie, I just leave mine up all day I wonder how that plays into the statistic. So, there’s no way that your niche market or readers isn’t there.

Step By Step Process to Facebook Ads

Below are the guidelines for advertising on Facebook platform;

Step 1 – Create a Facebook Page; In order to place a Facebook ad, you must have a specific page created. Take note it is not possible to use your personal age.

Step 2 – Use Google Chrome; In order to access the maximum level of functionality while creating your Facebook ad, it is important to use Google Chrome.

Step 3 – Click Create Advert; There are several ways to take the first step in the actual Facebook ad creation process – you can either click the ‘create adverts’ link under the drop-down menu found on the top right of the Facebook desktop layout, as shown above, or you can click the green ‘create advert’ button which is found on the left of the desktop screen, under your favorites tab. Get more details here.

Step 4 – Choose Your Objective and Create an Account; this is the first part of the Facebook Ads interface that you will come across. This step requires you to choose your advertising objective. There are a large variety of different objectives which you can choose. Basically, an objective is the end result you want to achieve by running a Facebook ad campaign. There are different ranges of objectives, you can get more details here.

Step 5 – Account Details; as you can see, all you need to do is enter your country, the currency you wish to work with, and the time zone in which you are in. There is an ‘advanced options’ section but you don’t need to worry about that for the purpose of placing your first ad.

Step 6 – Advert Set – Define Your Audience; the basic structure of Facebook ads consist of three levels namely, campaign, advert set, and advert. So far, this guide has explained how to set your campaign objective and create your advert account. We now move on to the first step of the ‘advert set’ stage – defining your audience.

Step 7 – Advert Set – Select Placements; the next stage of the ‘advert set’ process is choosing where your Facebook ad will be placed.

Step 8 – Advert Set – Choose Budget and Schedule; the final stage of the ‘advert set’ process is determining a budget and a schedule for your campaign. You can also choose to either run your ad continuously or to choose a start and end date for the campaign.

Step 9 – Advert Creation; this is the third and final tier of the Facebook ad creation process – the ‘advert’ level. This is where you create the actual advert which will be displayed to the Facebook users you have targeted.

Step 10 – Place Order; Once you have finalized all of the creative aspects of your ad, and specified any further details required (such as which website you which to direct clicks to), all that’s left to do is click the big green ‘Place Order’ button as seen above. in case you are still not clear with the steps kindly click this link for more details.

Hopefully, your eyes are now open to the immense possibilities of Facebook ads for books. You know that Facebook offers a proven way of reaching readers and thus helps you grow every aspect of your publishing career. You can get more details on books on Facebook advertising by simply clicking here.

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