The TCL Tab 10 Is a Cheaper Way to A 5G Netflix Fix

The TCL Tab 10 is a cheaper way to a 5G Netflix fix as it is reported to be half the price of a galaxy S tablet.

The TCL Tab 10 Is a Cheaper Way to A 5G Netflix Fix

The TCL Tab 10 Is a Cheaper Way to A 5G Netflix Fix

If you are on the lookout for an inexpensive tablet that is connected to a fast cellular network, then you should know that your options are limited. I am however glad to tell you about the new TLC tab 10 as it will reportedly cost you $300 and it also runs on T-Mobiles 5G networks thus making it a very good value option if you are looking for a backseat tablet for travel reasons that comes with its very own connectivity.

This ten-inch display a way much bigger than the next cheapest option available to you and also the battery life is big enough that it should burn through long trips.

The Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite Tablet – The Only Tablet Cheaper Right Now

The only tablet right now that is cheaper than the TLC tab 10 is the Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite tablet that makes use of an eight-inch display but however costs $100 less. And for $100 more of cash, you will be getting a step up with the TLC Tab 10. You will also get a larger screen which is the 1-.1” full HD display that is made by TLC’s NXTVISION group. You also with this option be getting a bigger battery, an 8,000mAh cell in contrast to the 5,100mAh battery that you will be getting on the smaller Galaxy Tab.

Features and Specs of the TCL Tab 10

You should also know that the TCL Tab 10 has an 8MP camera on the rear (back) and a 5MP camera on the front for selfie purposes. The front camera also can handle face unlocking features for security reasons which is a very good option for quick and fast access to a tablet and most especially for young users.

The TCL Tab 10 Will Be Running On Android 12

What does this tab run on in regard to the operating system? This very new tab runs on android 12 but it however includes a scanty 4GB of RAM with only 32GB of storage space after the main system software. But that however should be enough for basic activities such as web browsing and streaming movies. For complicated activities such as faster gaming and multitasking on this tab, it would be more difficult since it is running on the Media Tek Kompanio 800T processor.


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