The Stream Deck’s New Paid App Store is Here

Elgato has delivered on its promise by launching a new Marketplace, which functions as an app store platform for devices such as the Stream Deck and Wave Link, known for their assortment of buttons and audio capabilities. This Marketplace allows creators to sell their plugins, graphics, digital overlays, emotes, and digital audio effects directly to owners of these Elgato devices.

The Stream Deck’s New Paid App Store is Here
The Stream Deck’s New Paid App Store is Here

Elgato’s New Paid App Store is Here

Elgato, a company acquired by Corsair in 2018, is offering a platform for creators to reach a wider audience, set their own prices, and earn a significant share of the proceeds, with a commitment of “at least” 70% of each purchase going to the creator. However, it’s worth noting that the Marketplace website is currently displaying a 403 error, likely due to high traffic.

The Marketplace initially launched in beta for Wave Link users earlier in the summer. A new software update has expanded access to Stream Deck users, and users can now log in to an Elgato account to sync their purchased software, making setup more convenient. Although Elgato states that the account syncs “many asset types automatically,” it remains unclear which ones are excluded from this feature.

The introduction of the new Marketplace also means that the existing Stream Deck App Store, which was a part of the native software and devices, is going away. According to Elgato’s FAQ, your Stream Deck and existing plugins will continue to function even if you don’t transition to the new software. However, these plugins won’t receive updates, as the updated assets will only be accessible via the Marketplace.

With the Stream Deck Plus, Developers Will Be able to Monetize their Efforts 

Previously, when the Stream Deck Plus was reviewed, it was highlighted that a significant portion of its functionality was made possible by developers who were unable to monetize their efforts. It is indeed a positive development that these creators will now have the opportunity to earn from their work. However, it remains unclear how centralizing access through the Marketplace will affect the community of software developers for the Stream Deck and the overall Stream Deck ecosystem.

The new version 6.4 software update for the Stream Deck includes a change that automatically adds a website’s favicon (the small logo typically seen in your browser’s toolbar) to the button. This feature enhances the button’s appearance by making it more visually representative of the linked website. However, it’s important to note that to enable this feature, you may need to remove and re-add any links to buttons for the favicon to appear.

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